A Struggling Internet Marketer


My Past experience with internet marketing

Are you conviced, like me, that you can make money online, but have not done so yet?

Well, I am convinced and have been for several years. However, to date I have spent much more money than I have made. I have also spent money on unsuccessful off line network marketing ventures.

Never-the-lest I have not given up on the idea of making money on line via an online businesses that works automatically in the back ground; a business that gives me a measure of financial independence from the traditional 8 to 4 job.

Lessons learnt

Despite not making a profit from my internet and network marketing activities, I have gained substantial experience especially on what has not worked and what to avoid. I have also gained some limited experience with marketing via Face Book and Google Pay Per Click(PPC).

Not Easy

I thought that marketing on line was easy but it is not easy if you do not know how to.
The lesson leant is that I must learn how to market. It is a skill that has to be developed, with training and practice.

At Present

At present I am undergoing training with a system called Global NPN. The following is a summary of what I have learnt so far about internet Marketing from Global NPN:

There are four (4) core elements to marketing online:

1. Content Creation, such as writing blogs;
2. Sharing that content, and revising and re-sharing (re-purposing) that content;
3. Advertising with the aim of building a list of subscribers; and
4. Analysing the effectiveness of that advertising.

The above four (4) core elements are repeated over and over and is not a one time event.
Global NPN suggested that the four (4) core elements may be simplified as:

1. Blog
2. Share
3. Advertise
4. Repeat


Thanks for reading this simple blog and I invite you to look out for further blog posts as I chronicle my new phase in internet marketing with the help of Global NPN.

Trevor Headley

I am Trevor Headley from the beautiful tropical island of Barbados. i enjoy video and still photography as a hobby, teach electrical engineering and am involved with renewable enegy and energy efficiency activities.

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