Flipping Out of Not Having Something to Write?

So you are a blogger of you want to be one but did you ever run out of ideas for topics to write about?

I betcha you do run out of topics unless you have magic tricks up your sleeve.

The problem with building online is that you have to create content otherwise no one will visit your page.

On my recent post I shared some ideas to generate topics and I have more to share (one or more ideas at a time) and here it is.

problemsPROBLEMS… Are you paying attention to your readers and customers?  Can you hear or feel their frustration when you are interacting with them?

Find out what do they really struggling with that if you could help them would  make such a huge difference in their lives.

If they are willing to talk about it, I will suggest for your to write and solve those problems.

When you do that…they will value you and your business more.

On my next blog, I will be sharing more ideas.

Until then…keep thinking and start writing.



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