The Startling Truth About Facebook Video Ads

Placing video ads on Facebook isn’t as scary as it looks.
We started running ads on Facebook a little over a year ago. As with everything new, there were some ups and downs, but we did a pretty good job.
The crazy thing about Facebook is the way they’re changing things all the time. That’s why courses on the subject have a very short shelf-life. If they’re not constantly updated, they’ll be worthless in a matter of weeks.
So what’s a smart marketer to do?
The trick is to stick with principles. They’re the bedrock of everything you’ll ever do, marketing or otherwise. Principles don’t change, because human nature doesn’t change. At least it hasn’t yet.
Naturally I put this philosophy into everything I do, and that includes advertising. Since we’re big into video, it was only natural that we started looking at using video ads on Facebook to ramp up our lead generating activities.
Here’s where it gets interesting…
Recently my mentors Mark and Landon put on an eye-opening webinar showing exactly how Landon went from struggling marketer to world traveling entrepreneur using video ads.
Check it out here
Landon started off like every other marketer. Trying different things, struggling and working his butt off to finally make a breakthrough. I don’t know about you, but that sounds exactly like what I went through.
We’ve been using ads on Facebook for over a year, but never had a wildly profitable result. Until I learned Landon’s sneaky video tricks.
Have you ever wondered what it is that makes the difference in marketing? It seems like there must be a secret that some people find that turns everything around.
Consider this… there really are secrets.
I know that may sound a little unbelievable, but let me explain. 
To me, a secret is simply information that is not widely-known. Specifically, something I didn’t know. That’s why I’m comfortable using the word secret in this case.
Here’s a rundown of what Landon shares in the webinar…
==> The Power Of The Custom Branded Lead – And Why All Other Leads Pale In Comparison
==> The Magic Hand-Off (without this, your ads will crash and burn)
==> Why High Ticket Offers Are Your Passport To Freedom
==> The Kindness Of Credit – And How It Skyrockets Conversions
==> The Awesomeness Of Applications
These tips are what launched my success with video ads on Facebook.
But I don’t expect you to take my word for it. Watch the webinar for yourself. Use these secrets in your video ads, and experience the results.
You’ve got nothing to lose, because the webinar’s free 🙂
Check it out here

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