Traveling Turned Me Into A Storyteller

Instead of simply have written: We are on the road right now”, I would like to write a little paragraph to make it more exciting not just for me but to whoever is going to read my post.

First, I asked myself how I would describe this to someone who had never traveled to such a place, and looked carefully at the images and details.

Traveling Turned me into a storyteller

Sometimes words doesn’t come out right and when it does not, I give it a rest.

Sometimes the flow fit right in so I just keep writing.

When I write I pay attention not only to the facts but also to the rhythm and sound of the words.

There is nothing more exciting to gain experience and tell stories of places that I had seen, people that I met and things I got to know (such as history).

I see myself as a character in an evolving event and it is my job to uncover new experiences.

And I have “Traveling” to thank for… for turning me into a storyteller.

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