Vail Colorado

It was winter of 2015 when I stepped foot on Veil Colorado area.  We were on the highway when I took noticed of this little ski town.

From where the area of where we at  this place was like a winter wonderland.

Tons of lovely sceneries, majestic mountain and people were just happy.

Being not prepared or I should say I was not geared up for the winter I stayed in and kept my body warm.

Welcome to Veil Sign

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All of a sudden my attention get caught by three people ready to do their skiing adventures.


A week after that I google what is so special about this place and here are what I found.

Vail was incorporated in 1966, four years after the opening of Vail Ski Resort.

The ski area was founded by  Peter Seibert and local rancher Earl Eaton in 1962, at the base of Vail Pass.

The pass was named after Charles Vail, the highway engineer who routed U.S. Highway 6 through the Eagle Valley in 1940, which eventually became Interstate 70.

Seibert, a New England native, served in the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division during  World War II which trained at Camp Hale 14 miles south of Vail between Red Cliff  and Leadville.

He was wounded in Italy at the Battle of Riva Ridge but went on to become a professional skier after he recovered.

Seeing a place like this one doesn’t cost much if you are planning to visit Veil Colorado or some part of the World.

With proper planning and being a part of a Travel Club you will be able to stay in high class resorts like what we been doing.


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