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Loving this Global NPN Training

Hi guys,  being new to all this online “stuff” it has been a pleasure going through the step by step instructions with each mission.  Some tasks will take me a while to really get a grip of it but keen to keep trying and keep learning.  This is my first BLOG and I’m sure there will be plenty more… 🙂

Stacey Day

Stacey Day is an Online Marketing Entrepreneur who has mastered the ninja skills in email marketing and being a social media connector. She is keen to help others connect through these platforms. Stacey is a keen mountain biker and likes to keep fit and healthy. You can find Stacey on most social media platforms – connect with her on Facebook.
  • Joe Huguenard

    Great Job Stacey! Another completed Mission! I hope it’s not going to self destruct before I can finish posting. 😉 (Hahaha… just a bit of Mission Impossible Humor)