As the world agrees

I think the world would agree that as much as our daily lives seem like a soap opera at times it most certainly is not.

We are all dealing with real issues…real life. We can’t run from it and we must face it head on. I think the world would also agree with the 2nd Agreement in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, which states.

“Don’t take things personally.”

This past Friday we covered the 1st agreement which was, be impeccable with your word. If you haven’t read that email please do me a favor and quickly check it out.

Today’s agreement is, don’t take things personally. Now, that sounds easy enough but what does it really mean? Is it really that easy to do and implement? Is this something that you can do in your life or if you have children, in your child’s life.

I think it is easy only if you practice and belief in the power of positive thinking and self-awareness.

The second agreement is about understanding that nothing others say and do is about you and is nothing more than their outward projection of how they see themselves. Their reality, their dream.

Lastly, it’s about ending needless suffering by becoming immune to the opinions and actions of others…the weak.

Practice mindfulness, forgiveness, and strength. These are all characteristics of a martial artist as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or child. These concepts can and will improve state of being.

Please pass this message on to a friend if it resonated with you.

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