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Talkin’ MLM with My Buddies

Hi, looking forward to chatting it up some about what to most of us is a real “love / hate” relationship with the MLM business model right?

To give full credit for our source of discussion –  I signed up for a FREE – 365 days of “inbox motivation” provided via the aweber autoresponder (of course) and supplied by Peter Wolfing.

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Rumor has it, I have an opinion on everything (just ask those closest to me especially my wife) so I thought it might be cool to start some banter about the daily “motivators” that hit my inbox. Make sense? Do you agree or disagree? Do you have something to add? Is the motivator a little blah (sort of like this first one)?

Here goes – inbox motivator #1 exactly as supplied by Mr. Wolfing:

Inbox Motivator Tip #1


Just because you bought a business opportunity, it will forever be a business ‘opportunity’ and not a business if you sit and do nothing. This is not Unit Trust or Mutual funds or a Fixed Deposit Savings Account. The money doesn’t grow by you becoming a distributor. The more you invest doesn’t mean you will necessarily earn more


First off…a little secret – the tips started coming in a few days ago so don’t be like me and be too disappointed with this one okay? He’ll probably have a few more “stinkers” but there’s going to be some good ones also rest assured! I guess not to be too harsh – this one just seems to be a little obvious but then again maybe only to this old semi-jaded warrior?

So, when I read this one I sort of thought – “Umm, Peter – I thought it was me that was the master of stating the obvious”? But there are sort of some hidden nuggets here I suppose…this is another way to suggest you need to take consistent action to get results and…just because you pump money into the thing also doesn’t mean you are guaranteed results. Unless you really, really know what your doing, your marketing resources are tested, you know how to track and so forth – you can easily be throwing you money right down the drain!
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Kevin Mallory is a Project Management Consultant having supported some of the largest corporations in the world as both a direct employee and consultant. These companies include but are not limited to the #1 worldwide construction firm Bechtel, as well as Raytheon, Boeing, and many others. He is an expert in the implementation and operation of Primavera project management software. Primavera is now owned by Oracle Corporation. A network marketing veteran of 18 years as of 2012, he has aggressively worked Excel Telecommunications (the start of it all), ACN, SFI, Empowerism, Enliven International (Noni juice), EveryDayWealth, Xango, GDI, GBG, Zrii and unfortunately like many other networkers a few others in which he has dabbled with 🙁 Somehow he has never experimented with Amway or cash gifting. He was a long time subscriber to "Leaders Club" for which he credits much of his growth and training in networking. Leaders club recently closed its doors after being in business probably since the early 1990's. He has earned a top sponsor award with Leaders Club (requires sponsoring at least 5 in a month). Other favorite mentors and trainers are Tracy Biller, Mike Dillard and countless other authors, trainers, and mentors. Kevin has a passion for the industry and calls it his Rubiks cube because it is a puzzle often very hard to figure out. And, just like a Rubiks cube where some take to it very quickly and others do not. Note: Kevin is not very impressive with Rubiks cube but much better at network marketing! Some just seem to have it and others have to learn it. Kevin seems to enjoy swimming upstream. 🙂 Working mostly part-time in network marketing he has individually sponsored many hundreds of associates. He has also maintained several medium sized organizations with total revenues exceeding $2 million with largest organization exceeding 7,000. You can contact Kevin any time at 888.552.6006
  • Charles Adkins

    Kevin , you are 100 % right !!!! MLM is not a investment program …The problem starts when someone signs up in a company because of hype instead of facts . We have all seen it before …. This is HOT !!!! Sign up now !!!! , Millionaires are being made every day , Sign up now !!!! …. Sign up before your downline does ( Fear of Loss ) …. We do most of the work , sign up today !!!! LOL Really ???? If this were true then why do they need you ???? You can not expect to take the work out of Network Marketing and expect to make any real money …. Just my take on things …. Charles