Not keeping your focus will cost you…

Read that title again…

Oh yes, I can tell you that’s very true. I’ve been online since shortly after the Millenium shift and a lot of that time, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to make money from home. In the start it was going well and I was lucky to find something (which later collapsed though) that made me some nice money. However, I started to fall into a lot of those “shiny objects” out there and it pretty quickly resulted in me losing my focus.


This span out of control since I jumped from one business to another every couple of months and upgraded here and there and bought this and that e-book package, training course etc. I became what’s known as obsessed with finding stuff that could work. I saw the potential out there, but I didn’t see or realize my own limits, not with regards to my time nor the financials.

Fortunately, my work at that time (and for many years) made it possible to keep up with the money, so I didn’t suffer financially, but I sure did mentally. I wanted so much to find something that could keep me focused.

Actually I did find something, and that’s the program which also is hosting this blog (links at the top, or just click my profile picture in the top right to learn more), and this has proven to the world to be a winner. Straight to the point, no gimmicks, products and tools that work and with an owner that’s here for the long term.

Rather foolishly though, I quit after some years. My attention was again on to other things… oh boy was that a mistake…

Now I’m back though, and for that I’m very happy. This time it will be my internet marketing foundation and it should be yours too. If you’re not already a part of this great program, click my picture or the links at the top, grab a trial membership for one buck and check us out.

I tell you, not keeping focus and sticking with a program that works will cost you – both time and money.

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Hello everyone. I'm Ulf Astrom, a regular guy who's born and raised in Sweden but nowadays living outside my country of birth. Happily married to my beautiful wife and having two grown up children. Among hobbies and interests I like to mention music (which has been my profession for most of my life), travelling, business, internet, technology and nature. Looking forward to great networking with people who're likeminded and with a spirit of teamwork and helping each other. Feel like hooking up with me? Click my profile picture at the top right and shoot me an email or a FB message.

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