I built 2 of my simplest squeeze pages using a free WYSIWYG HTML editor called NVU. u Arm chair quarterback with a list of about 50 people who never read their emails will probably take the pages a part and find all the faults.


1. Form is too small
2. Opt-in button too small and wrong color
3. Video too big
4. Headline too short.


But you can bet your rent or mortgage money that pages like this will get a 70% or more conversion in front of the right audience. And the pages load fast.

The video is actually from 2016, but relevant today, and unless I told you, most people don’t even pick up on it. The only issue with promoting a product that can help people make money online, is in the mentioning of income.

Not to get too far into simple headlines, but you’ll notice I have Earn $100 a lead. The key word is earn. For some reason, there are people who actually take that one line “Earn $100 Per Lead!” to literally mean that all they have to do is get leads and each lead will pay them $100. And some would think they don’t even need to get leads. It’s baffling to say the least.

The upfront intent is to get as many people who visit your page to enter their details to learn more about you are promoting or selling. The key after that has always been in the follow up and it starts with a good thank you page.

It’s been said many times, that for the most part, people join people, not programs, systems or companies.

If you want me to do a video on how I made these pages, simply leave a comment below.

Make it a great day.

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