Make it fun

Whether your business is a traditional or is strictly online, people have to have a reason to come back.  Make your business fun and personal. Building you fan list is critical to building your business.

Webinars help people get to know you.

Work Together

Work Together


Video in your website sets the tone for your business.

You may not have a website, but people are talking about your business on the internet. Yelp and other social media are out there. If someone has a good experience they will recommend you and if they have a bad one you can bet they will share that on the internet.

You cannot afford to ignore the internet.  People use the net to research their purchases. If they cannot find your store, they will go to a competitor. Know what people are saying about you. Encourage your customers to make comments.  If comments are good, great.  Thank them and encourage them to come back. If you get a bad review, fix the problem and tell everyone what you did to correct it.

I am an organizer. I help people work together to achieve common goals. My tools are Direct Mail and the Internet. I can help you create and promote your website, set up your opt-in list and autoresponder and convert your list into fans. My business card is The tools you need are here at GNPN.

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