0730 Going to ride the Democratic Trolly in the 4th of July Parade. I miss watching the parade go by, but it is fun waving to the watchers and watching the watchers, especially the kids.1300

Install the electrical housing on the ceiling fan.1400

There are the two types of businesses. On is a business where I win and you loose and the owners only care about making a profit. Actually, that is the mandate of most Corporations.  The managers of the business are required to maximize profits for the shareholders and nothing else matters.

I prefer a business where everyone wins including our environment. That is a B Corp, a non-profit corporation, an LLC or a business that is not incorporated.

What style business would you prefer to own? One where the only objective was to make money, or a profitable business which also accepts a responsibility to benefit people and our environment?

1545 Hook up the power to the ceiling fan. Hope it works. Tried to put up the housing for the electrical. Saw some sparks, took it down and saw that the electrical cap for the black wire had fallen off.  Lucky I was on an insolated ladder. I had tested to be sure the power was turned off. ??? I still have to put the power housing back on and flip the switch for testing.

We got a buck of KFC and went to the top of the Saddle Road to watch the fireworks. Listened to Capitol Steps while waiting. Had our tailgate dined of chicken and cole slaw and had a great view of the fireworks with the lights of Kailua in the foreground.  Lots of company.  Everyone very orderly.  Parked in parallel rows across the slope. People pulled out their chairs and had a picnic while they waited.



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