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Tracking Results Of Your Business.

I believe this one tool here can save the life of your business alone.  What tool?  Link tracker.  Why is tracking so crucial to your online business?  It will allow you to see what your ROI return on investment is

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Email Marketing Your List.

I believe its appropriate to recap the first two steps of the game plan before moving on.  First step was to create content to capture an audience and provide value.  Second step was to share content market the content in

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Sharing Content

Have you ever heard the old saying sharing is caring?  Yes it is true in the network marketing business.  Network part means sharing with your network i.e. your customers and business partners.  Sharing in this context is also considered advertising.

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Creating Content

Why is content so important?  I believe without content you have no audience and virtually no business.  Let me explain.  This is a people business not a product comp plan or an opportunity business.  You need to provide solution to

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Game Plan

I will say the number one reason 97% of people fail to make money online is they don’t have a game plan.  They are not consistent or don’t have the necessary skills.   In order to be successful you must

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