Learn before You Promote!

This is my first Blog post
And I would like to start with my own story.

I was doing the same mistake where everybody does.
When I first came to the Internet World
I didn’t know head or tail about Internet marketing.
I just joined everything and started promoting everything.
I thought I was a good marketer.
But nobody gained anything from what I was promoting (including me)
It took me years to realize that I’m doing the same mistake what everybody does.

By doing the wrong way we will get grey listed or black listed
on the Internet World, which you will not realize till it happens.
You will even become a nuisance to others,
and they will hate the stuff you promote and YOU.

I had to stop promoting all the garbage and start learning.
Before we promote, we should learn Online Marketing from a good source.
Global NPN is the best place to it.

I was lucky enough to  join Global NPN.
At Global NPN you can learn online marketing from the beginning.
We get step by step training till you reach the top.
The best part at Global NPN is you get all the tools necessary
for an online marketer without any extra cost.
Further you can make money.

I invite all experienced and inexperienced online marketers
to join Global NPN.

Ifthica Shamsudeen

12 years experience as an online marketer. Customer Care and Marketing professional with more than 15 years experience in customer care, sales and marketing. Extensive back ground in the hospitality industry.

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