Safe List Genie: Getting Things Done In Safe Lists Is Easy

Hey fellow safe list user

as an internet marketer, I naturally use a lot of safe lists to promote products and build my list. To do this I use a number of tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Autoresponders, capture page generators and tracking links to name the most obvious…

…but you may have been missing one tool that really packs a punch on saving time when you need to mail to those lists…

Safe List Genie!

Safe List Genie takes all the strain out of sending to multiple lists, adding banners or text ads to the safe lists, populating the downline builders within those lists and even accessing the credit links for the mail you receive from those safe lists, so you can get your credits faster! A whole lot faster!

When you use Safe List Genie to send to a safelist, it automatically populates a drop down box with the lists you can currently send to depending on your send time restrictions for that list. Safe List Genie keeps track of the time you sent the last one and when the next mailing is available.

THEN… when you hit the GO button, it gets you to the credit mailer page fast as possible and populates all the fields from your profile ad that you chose for the mailing profile you picked from your list of saved emails. You can even store unlimited messages, both html & text right in Safe List Genie.

Everything gets filled in ready to go. The Subject line, the Body of the ad, the Credit link for your ad and the amount of credits to send to! All you do is hit SEND!

I use this tool religiously several times a day and not only does it save me a boat load of time it also brings in a very generous residual monthly income.

50% to be precise! Bring in just 3 referrals and you’re already in profit! Want more for every referral you get an extra 1% on top of the standard 50% commissions, all the way up to 75%! No need to consider Safe List Genie an expense for your business. Many are making a full time income just from this must have tool.

How about getting paid to build your down lines in all the safe lists 10 Levels DEEP! That is incredible income opportunities all in one package!

Click Here to grab your 14 day $1.00 full function trial today.

This increases as the number of sites on Safe List Genie increases, it’s at 107 listed safelists as of today, more being added as requested. If they meet the TOS set by SLGenie.

So here’s a quick calc:

for 75% you need 25 referrals:

25 x $30 x 75%= $562.50/month

That’s monthly income to your pocket and it’s easy to get referrals for such a tool that every safelister should have! As the price goes up. so will your commissions, but you’ll still only be paying your locked in rate of $1 a day and still saving over an hour a day in earning credits and mailing to the max of 3times the number of safelists!

Getting you results 3 times faster….

It’s a complete no-brainer. Well, if you’re serious about safelist marketing that is!

So, here’s the kicker:

First, you can try it out for 2 weeks, for just a buck and no lite version! You can test out the whole system with no restrictions!

Click Here to grab your 14 day $1.00 full function trial today.


Click HERE and watch the easy set up video!

Happy Marketing!
Nick and Debbie Anderson
The safelist professionals


Global NPN and Safe List GENIE go together like butter on toast. 🙂 Just saying! It is a no brainer business opportunities together.

Debbie Anderson

Nick and I searched for a little over 3 years looking for a simple way to make a few extra bucks and keep us busy. We are a couple of old people by our grandchildrens point of view. Neither one of us knew much about computers. We are not afraid of working at something that is simple to do. Eventually we stumbled upon a very simple process to drive a ton of traffic using free traffic. Then we had joined Global NPN as a business expense but soon discovered that the combo will produce the best foundation for any business. It is unreal the change the two have made in our lives. Get in touch with us and discover the real power of Multi Level Marketing, Free Traffic, and ListBuilding.
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