7 Minute Workout – Get In Shape Working Out Only 7 Minutes a Day 3 Times Per Week

7 Minute Workout Challenge…Will I Gain Muscle And Lose Weight?

Joel Therien - 7 Minute Workout - Get In Shape Working Out 7 Minutes a Day - 3 times per week

That is Joel Therien. He is the founder and creator of the 7 Minute Workout. I used to workout doing the 7 Minute Workout. I have to say it was working for me, so why did I quit? Well, I could give you a lot of excuses, but…

The real reason I quit is because I just didn’t believe it was the workout that was working. Let me elaborate. I changed my way of eating. So in my mind I thought it was my new eating plan. I don’t want to call it a diet, because I have made little changes over time and plan to make more.

Anyway, I stopped working out. I have to say, that I have gradually added weight, and it is not muscle. I was talking to my wife, Christi, who also had great results before. She told me she felt a lot better when we were doing the 7 Minute Workout. She asked, “Do you think we can get back into that again and do a 90 day challenge and see what results we really have.

We are not going to change our eating habits at this time. We are just going to do the fitness part of it for now. One reason I decided to do it this way is because it is almost Christmas and I like to eat. After the Christmas holidays, I will adjust my diet a little more.

Like I said before, I am making small changes. We basically follow the ‘Belly Fat Cure’ program. There are a couple of things we still need to change. Like I need to quit drinking as many beers as I do. I like my 3 to 4 beers at night. I still have a couple of diet mountain dews. I know I really need to quit them. Aspartame is really poisonous.

Doesn’t 7 Minute Workout Teach You About Nutrition, too?

7 Minute Workout teaches you about nutrition. I decided for now I am going to do it my way. The 7 Minute Workout compliments, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, any of the diet programs out there. You can use the just the workout part of this great program and see amazing results.

If you are not on a healthy eating regimen then by all means check out 7 Minute Workout. You will learn a lot about food and what you should and should not eat.

7 Minute Workout – Fitness

Anyway, let me explain the 7 Minute Workout. My workout usually takes me about 10 minutes to complete. I know it is 7 Minute Workout, but the is the exertion time. My first set is like a warmup set where I figure out how much weight it is going to take for me to get to failure. Sometimes I will do 2 warmup sets to make sure of the amount of weight I can go to failure. Afterwards, I do that one set to failure and move to the next exercise.

I have learned why people, myself included does not like exercise. I have learned why less is more. I mean you can grow really big muscles or slim down with doing only 7 minutes. It is really worth checking out if you want to get in the best health of your life.

Anyway, I am starting my challenge today. I am doing all my workouts from home. I have some free weights a weight bench without a leg extension, and a total gym.

My workout is Chest and Triceps for today. I love doing chest and triceps. Working my abs and legs is my least favorite exercise. Anyway, I will let you know what kind of results I have.

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