Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has Spirit Guides. This has been in many societies throughout history. The ancient Greeks, Chinese, African Tribes Egyptians, etc all have the same belief.

spirit guideA spirit guide is not some one we choose they choose us. We can have more than one spirit guide, too. Some of us have one or two, while people who are mediums sometimes have a group of guides that work with them. It is also true that guides can work with more than one person.

So if you are aware or not, we all have spirit guides. Some may even call them “Guardian Angels.”

Why Should You Communicate With Your Spirit Guides?

If you need guidance it is good to ask your guides for some. Some people call this asking “higher self”, “higher power”, etc.

Have you ever been in a situation you just didn’t know what to do? This is a good time to ask for guidance.

Let me give you an example. Even though this is kind of lame, it happened a few years ago.

I am always one to lend a helping hand whenever I can. I don’t mind at all helping people. I was stopped by a man that begged me….I need to get something to eat…I haven’t eating anything in 2 days. I lost my job. I have no money, and I am homeless.

Well of course I felt really sorry for the guy. Where I live you never saw a homeless person either. Well of course, I took out my wallet and gave him some money.

Just a few minutes later, I watched him come out of the liquor store with a big bottle of liquor. I wanted to call him out on it, but I left it alone.

It was months later, and I was approached again by someone else the same way. As I stood there listening to this person ask me for money to eat with, I asked my spirit guides what should I do? I don’t want to give him money to buy booze with, but if he is hungry, I don’t mind giving him a few dollars.

Right then, an idea came to me, and I know it was a message from spirit. I told him “Right over there is a grocery store. I will buy you a loaf of bread and some bologna or ham. I see you have a cooler you can keep the meat in there and you will be able to eat for awhile.”

I could have bought a burger from the Burger King, but I knew if he was hungry he would be willing to walk across the street and take me up on my offering. He said come on man, just give me the money and I will get it later. So, I left.

I know this seems like common sense, but back then I didn’t think people really took advantage of people. I just believed a man at his word. That was the way I was raised, so I had to learn.

Communicating With Spirit Guides Is Easy

Your spirit guides are always trying to communicate with you. You will get a gut feeling. You have always heard listen to your intuition. That is your spirit guides trying to give you guidance. Sometimes you ignore it and think later… I should have gone with my intuition.

There are also times when it seems that you can’t find an answer. Just ask. After you ask, pay attention to what pops in your head first. I know some people who hear a voice, but most of the time mine is an idea or thought.

Now if you hear a voice that is telling you to do something negative that is not spirit. I call that your little gremlin. I read that in a book once. pendulum

There are other ways you can communicate with your spirit guides like automatic writing, using a pendulum,or contacting them during meditation, but I just wanted to tell you a simple way.

Do you talk to your spirit guides? I would love to hear from you.

Peace, Love, and Abundance,

Jaden Daniels








Jaden Daniels

PS. I used my lame story, because I didn’t want you to think talking to spirit guides is all about talking to the dead or something out of this world. I talk to my spirit guides everyday. I have better stories I will share in later posts.

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