How To Create A Safelist Lead Generation Capture Page

How To Create A Capture Page for Lead Generation For Safelists

In my last training, I listed the top safelists to join. I hope you have joined them and started getting credits by now. Today in the video below, I am going to show you how to create a capture page giving away a product for free.

Okay Jaden, I know I need a capture page for safelists, but what products could I possibly give away? Glad you asked.

PLR products – Private label rights. One site that I have used is called Now, I am a member of Global NPN and we have 89 PLR products with our membership.

Go ahead and watch the video first.

I want to mention. When you purchase a PLR product usually the products come with graphics, too.

Anyway, now that you have your capture page for your safelists you need to send out an ad to each one. One thing I suggest is to track each safelists to see which one you are getting the most clicks. Ad tracking software is included in my Global NPN membership, but you can use

I would work safelists for about a month and then check the stats. Make sure if you use the Google url shortener that you keep you a database of which link was for which safelists capture page. You can shorten the same link as many times as you would like and get different url’s to use, but you have to keep track of where you use them. Google doesn’t allow you to name each one.

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How to create a capture page for lead generation for safelists





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