How To Set Up a Personalized Email Account to Your Website

How To Set Up a Personalized Email Account to Your Website

In my last post, I showed you how to add WordPress to your domain using GVO – HostThenProfit hosting. Before we go any further you need to set up a personalized email.

If you are an Internet Marketer and have your own website, then you need to have a personalized email. Yes, you can use gmail, but that doesn’t look as professional.

You want to have a website with or something like You can agree that that is more professional.

Personalized Emails – Step-by-Step Instruction

In the video, I show you step-by-step how to set up your personalized email using cpanel. In your cpanel click on email accounts. Now fill in what you want your email to be. In this example I want support. Not that I am going to use this email. It is only for this training purposes.

Choose a password. I usually let the password generator generate me a password, but since I am not using this email address for anything other than this training. I will put something simple as a password.

Scroll down and click “More” beside your new email address, then click “Configure Email Client” Here you will find the Server Address you will need to use for your incoming and outgoing mail.

Now, you need to open up your Windows Live Account, In your Windows Live Account click on “Accounts” then “”+Email.”

Fill in the “Email Address” with the email you just created. Now, fill in the “Password” with the password you created. Whatever name you want people to see when you send out a email is what you add for your display name. Click “Next.”

Here is where you will use your Personalized Email Settings you found under Configure Email Client.

Configure Your Settings: Make sure you always put your complete email address for your username, if you don’t you will get an error message when you try to send and receive mail.

Now fill in your Server Address for you incoming mail. Go back to Cpanel and get it the address under Configure Email Client. In this example it is is the income and outgoing Server address.

Check the box that it requires Authentication and click Next. Now you see you are finished.

Now you need to test the email to make sure it is working correctly. Click on Send and Receive and arrow down to your new email address. You should see no new emails.

Now go and send an email to your new personalized email address and click on send and receive again.
You should now see an email from whatever address you just sent from. It is working correctly.

Stay tuned for the next video Where I show you how to forward this email to your Gmail account.

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