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10 Reasons you should consider GBG for long term health, wealth and longevity.

It’s easier than you think to build a solid GBG business.

I created this video last nite to give you a “from the heart” talk about why I am with GBG for life.  Please listen in and see what you think, ok?

GBG – GBG Wealth – Fred Raley

1. The Owners of GBG get paid ONLY through the GBG compensation plan.

Stuart Finger and Michael Kahn the owners of GBG get paid the very same way the distributors do. He started GBG to fix this and he put his money where his mouth is. If he, as a distribuor, could not be successful with the GBG compensation plan, how could he expect others to be successful?

2. The GBG corporation is not set up for huge corporate profits.

Most companies today are set up by business men/women to be as profitable as possible, in our industry as well as others. The more money paid out to the sales force or distributors, the less there is left for the big corporate profits to owners and investors.  GBG was set up differently. This “lowest overhead” model is unique in our industry and ensures availability of the greatest return on distributors’ time-investment building a business with GBG.

3. The owners support you like they’re your upline.

With GBG, the owners ARE your upline and make decisions that support you and the organization. Ever had trouble reaching someone upline for help? How about reaching the company owners for an important 3-way call? In GBG, they are there to help you build your business because their future income is directly tied to YOUR success.

4. Copyrighted compensation plan

Stuart invented a revolutionary pay plan and created the industry’s easiest qualifications to earn big money fast. If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t achieve the success you were looking for in network marketing, maybe it wasn’t you that failed. Maybe it was the industry that failed you.

5. Compensation plan changes = A raise for distributors

During these harsh economic times companies look for ways to cut expenses often resulting in compensation plan changes that negatively effect distributors commissions. Stuart Finger along with many others have experienced this type of devastating “compensation enhancement” more times than anyone would care to admit. Finally, a company where the owners are watching your back!

6. Low monthly qualifications to earn commissions

To qualify for monthly commissions in GBG‘s Pay Plan a distributor is required to purchase ONLY one product monthly for $39.97! The days of the $150 per month auto-ship are over and do not work long-term in this new economy! Because the monthly qualifications at GBG are so reasonable the retention rate of our distributors is extremely high.

7. GBG products are value-priced and are a fit for current market conditions

To be successful in today’s market place an opportunity must offer products that are value priced and affordable for the masses. GBG‘s 10inOne chewable is a great tasting, super formula with 10 life-altering formulas, all in one great tasting, convenient chewable tablet for only $39.97. Because of GBG’s low overhead we are able to price our products affordably and offer a great value to the consumer and distributors alike.

8. GBG products are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients available.

GBG  understands that in order to have a long-term viable business the products have to be first class and make a real difference in the health of our customers. The ingredients used in all GBG formulations are the most expensive, highest quality ingredients available and all GBG products are manufactured in the US under the strictest quality control regulations.

9. The GBG opportunity is FREE!

That’s right, it’s FREE to have a GBG business. No sign up fees and you get a Free website just like this one to help with the marketing of your business. It does not get any better than FREE!

10. Total transparency

The owners at GBG keep no secrets from their field leaders. Because they themselves are active distributors they understand the importance of relationships and leadership in regards to building long-term success. At GBG you are treated by the owners as true partners in business and valued for your experience and work-ethics. Stuart and Michael will never take you for granted because they truly understand without the dedication of their leaders; they would have no business.

See what we have in store for you at my GBG Marketing Blog.

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