How to get people to ‘Like’ my Page?

Facebook is the No.1 Social Network with almost 1.6 Billion active users

Therefore, utilising Facebook is the best opportunity to get FREE LEADS to your Business.

You have created a Facebook Business Page and now you ask:

How do I get more people to ‘Like’ my Page?

The No.1 way to get more Likes to your Business Page is through participating in Networking/Like Ladders

There are literally heaps of Networking Like Ladders on Facebook that are run regularly. Particularly in the evenings and on the weekends.

Instructions on how to use a Like Ladder:

Step 1. Join/Like Networking Pages on Facebook

Step 2. Read and Follow the Instructions the Networking Page has posted on the Ladder. Generally Like Ladders are Pinned to the Top of the Page

Step 3. Tag your Business Page on the Ladder using your Personal Profile

Step 4. Like other Businesses that interest you on the Networking Ladder. I also leave a message with my Like. This the greatest way of getting your business known.

I leave a message along the lines of this:

‘Hi there, popping over from Shout it Out (the networking page the Ladder is on) to give your page a Like 
Hope we can support each others posts
Nice to meet you’ 

I also leave the url to my Blog  along with my Facebook Business Page, so your Networkers may choose to come back at a later date.

This is an example of what a Networking ‘Like Ladder’ looks like





You may also Invite your friends list and email list to Like your Business Page.

I hope you all find this information useful

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  • Luba Kanch

    Thanks for the TIPS and valuable information :O)

  • Rebekah Hermann

    I followed Melanie’s advice and got more than 40 likes in a couple of days! A great way to expand your reach. I love the idea of putting a link to your blog as well, more people to benefit from your hard work and expert advice! Thanks Mel 🙂