Internet Marketing Trends For 2013

Things have changed in the last year when it comes to Internet Marketing, and there is no one who is in the business that would disagree. Search is changing, social media is changing and the people using the high profile sites are more educated to marketing strategies. Anyone interested in online marketing must learn what is working and what is not in order to be successful. 

Content is still important but the quality of content is trending up. The search engines expect more from your content then ever before and so do the searchers. The tools you use for online marketing are becoming more and more important and cost effective.

Internet Marketing Trends For 2013

"And with it comes a chance for business owners and marketers to evaluate what they're doing, uncover what's not working, and focus on the new trends that are worth their attention. As 2013 approaches, below are five Internet marketing trends for small …Small Business Trends"


If you are looking for marketing tools on a budget then we can certainly recommend what we are using. We have over 14 years in the business of online marketing and advertising, and in that time have used many different tools and services. Some of these tools were expensive while others were more cost effective. 

Today we are using only cost effective tools that our team can afford, which makes it better for everyone. One tool that we use is Stiforp marketing tools because of their effectiveness and low price.  We also use The online ad network when we need to do some advertising online. Lastly we use Global NPN for our contact management suite of products because of their ease of use and their amazing price point.  

If you use these 3 tools the price per month is under $100 and you will have a system that handles your marketing, lead capture and communication, and your advertising all for a great price point.




Helping average people make real money online. I am a good, honest person who is Having Fun Building The biggest, Most rewarding & highest retention group in MLM easily & continuously Through coaching & support. I help average people like myself success online because for me it’s all about success for my family & friends. My entrepreneurial journey started 12 years ago with the thought that the internet would bring advances to communication and learning that would change the world. I seized every opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and this has resulted in a great number of relationships that have helped my personal and professional growth. When I grew up in New Brunswick, I loved the outdoors and winter sports. I have always dreamed of traveling the world and being the best friend to my wonderful wife Kim. I discovered the true art of influence in the MLM and network marketing worlds well working 3 different programs but never took them full time because of the fear of failure. It was not until I learned the real value of attraction marketing that I was able to take it to that level. The success of either MLM or network marketing is the MARKETING. The network marketing business is a world of challenge, personal & group development, achievement, friendship, and incredible reward. It is a true win-win business model where you can only achieve if you coach others to succeed. What a great industry.....Remember that people do not join a company, they join with a leader. Jeff Yeomans Skype: jeffrey.yeomans
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