Dogs, chocolate, and cars!

I was having one of those days today when I thought can anything else go wrong? I woke up late to take my kids to football, I came downstairs to my dogs had decided to open all the cupboards in the kitchen and ranshack the sweeties! By that point I needed a caffeine fix and chocolate let alone the dogs! Made a coffee with my lifesaver coffee pod machine, took a few deep breaths, cleaned the mess and then bundled the kids into the car. Guess what? the car wouldn’t start! I was like just my luck! My kind neighbour came over and guess what? Only went and started it!  It was one of those moments where I dont do womankind any good with convincing the opposite sex that we shouldnt be allowed to drive. Luckily the rest of the day went smoothly as I did not come out of my house or even dare open my curtains. Lol.

But this blog is kinda therapeutic, and I have my friends and all the women on the better womens network helping me up from my fall and supporting me, knowing that we all have bad days and life is like business you have to ride the rough with the smooth. Even though my business is slow to start I have belief in the system and hope that will take me far. Im learning daily, and rising even when I fall. Shame It doesnt seem to work with my puppies….. gotta go the dogs are now attacking my underwear drawer…… will it never end….. Marley you have nothing on my dogs!

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