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I may step on some toes with this post. Let’s be truthful here, are you making money with your program or business? I mean are you making money ,not the person with the program. Have you jumped from one program to another in hopes of landing on the right one? Sure, all of us newbies at one time or another, looked at a program and said “man, this has got to be the one for me.”

I, for one, admit that I jumped on several programs a few years ago, because I wanted to make money , now. I would try one for a month or two and then go try another.All for nothing.

I know you may have heard of this-you have to promote you first. I finally read an article written by MIKE DILLARD, magnetic sponsoring. This article explained how to promote yourself and then how to make money with ANY PROGRAM.

It does not matter what the program is or does, you must learn to help others to reach their goal. Give them something they can use to make money.

Now, there are a few programs to help teach a person how to make money. You just have to research the program and see if it is the one for you. Let me say this, YOU cannot make any money without working the program 24-7. You cannot make money without spending some money, nothing is free. You need to use as many resources as possible to make money.

Here is one of the best programs, in my opinion, to help you learn to make money online– You notice how I got my affiliate id in there. This program has a system that works and makes money, but you have to work  the program and all its resources to be successful. This is not an overnight, make millions ,scheme. Any program worth using takes time and work.




I am a retired vocational instructor. For the past two years I have been into network marketing.

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