Relationship Marketing…

What comes to mind when you think about Relationship Marketing?

Do you think of your closest friend? Your business partner?

It makes me think that it’s something I want to participate in.

It makes me think I can combine something I love (relationships) with an income. I’m not sure about you, but I could use a few extra dollars and I know a few other people that would like to as well. They are the Better Women’s Network and they are committed to our success. If you would like to work with a team of enthusiastic ladies, I invite you to click on the link and find out more.

Sharing a an interesting piece from the Top Branding Experts. I would love some feedback.


Hello and welcome to My Blog, I’m happy to have you here! I’ve always been concerned about how to supplement retirement income and ways to implement the internet to build an online business. I am passionate about helping others build their own online business and creating financial independence as well as introducing the greatest health science technology of our time to others. I am in a Women's Group called Better Women's Network where we work as a team for the benefit of us all. It's fun, supportive and successful. It is here that I can recieve and give help, support and inspire other women to build an online business and achieve financial independence. We have chosen Golbal NPN not only to build our own business, but to promote to others. If you are inspired to achieve greater success; contact me and I along with the Better Women's Network will help you achieve your financial freedom. Together We Can Make It Happen. I look forward to connecting with you! Kathy Howell Connect with me on Facebook

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