The Importance of Goal Setting – Part 1

So before even making a coffee this morning I have sat down with pen and paper to write my list of short and long term goals. You may wonder why I have given this task such priority (before coffee!? yikes), but the reason being is that I simply do not like goal setting and doing it first thing is likely to be the easiest time to get it over with.

The truth is that up until now I have never been a goal setter. I used to put it down to my ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ personality, but unfortunately now that I realise the vital importance of goal setting (which I will share with you in another part of our goal setting story), this is no longer an excuse. So for all of you sitting there thinking ‘goals smoals’ stay tuned! You may just find yourself in my position…

Short term goals (1 year)

  • Stick to these goals for the whole year
  • Keep writing in my journal for the whole year (yes discipline is a focus for me!)
  • Help at least 10 women benefit from BWN
  • Set up an automated system for earning residual income
  • Continue to engage in a fit and healthy lifestyle
  • Create more time for sewing, knitting, cooking and making things
  • Help others find their passion/purpose and facilitate
  • Pay of debts
  • Buy new car
  • Take a small trip to see friends and family every 3 months (my ‘reward’)

*gets up to make coffee

Medium term goals (1- 3 years)

  • Attend a health/spiritual retreat or destination
  • Achieve $10 000 per month income
  • Get married and have my twin babies
  • Not have a ‘job’
  • Own a killer wardrobe (yeah baby!)
  • Return overseas for leisure and personal development

Long term goals (3+ years)

  • Buy an acreage (space and beauty, my favorite things!)
  • Be in a financial position to help people
  • Travel overseas once a year
  • Have achieved all of these goals and have the next 3+ years up my sleeve!


Dr Seuss quote - magnet

Stay tuned for ‘Part 2’ of the Importance of Goal Setting

Special thanks to Joanna Rogers for her valuable tasks on goal setting.

Courtesy of  where members are able to be directed by tasks daily to empower them in business and mind.

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Start the things you dreamed of yesterday, today!

Warm wishes,

I am a woman on a mission to be me! Leaving behind the things I don't like doing that ultimately haven't got me to where I want to be. I'm using my passion for writing, networking and helping others, to create the life I love. I am forgetting about 'earning a living', 'having a job', and all of those other boring grown up things that really don't suit me. 2013 is the year for women. It's going to be unreal. Are you with me?

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  • folksey

    Great inspiration Rebekah. So true about making it a goal to keep your goals. Hehe. Your obviously one for a challenge if your requesting twins. Your off to a fantastic start to achieve your financial independence.

    • Rebekah Hermann

       Thanks folksey! I am just terrible with the follow through, this needs to be a goal!

  • Luba Kanch

    Great goals Rebekah! You are on the right track to opening an amazing door!
    Dr.Seuss says it nicely too! :O)

  •  Love your picture Rebekah – stick to your goals and you will reach each one!