Snow, Snow, and More Snow!


Well, what a winter we’ve had up here in the Northeast!  We got about 3 feet of snow over a 3 week period, with most of it coming in back to back storms.  There was nowhere to put it!  Thankfully, Mother Nature relented, and she gave us a few days of above average temps, which melted most of it away!

That’s great, but in the meantime, a stomach bug has stricken myself and my family.  🙁  Between snow days, sick days, and holidays, I haven’t been at work too much lately!  Which always brings me back to my blog, and to my ultimate goal – to work from home exclusively!

This time of year is when we all tend to renew our goals with enthusiasm, or to even set new goals.  Besides common New Year’s resolutions that include losing weight/getting fit or quitting smoking, the influx of “new” business opportunites abound after the holidays are over.  As far as my Couch to 5K challenge, I failed miserably.  I’ve been active in other ways, however, so that’s a plus!

Anyhow, as far as business ventures, I had to take stock of all the programs I had been working, or at least the ones I had joined but did not work at promoting.  While building multiple streams of income is something we all can and should do, it can be very overwhelming at first.  So my suggestion is this:

Pick ONE or TWO programs that are low-cost, that add real value – tools you can use to promote ANY business, and that include commission payments to you as well.  You won’t get rich fast, but you won’t go broke fast either!

My programs that fit the bill for the above:  You’re looking at one of them!  NPN – includes a blog (like mine), capture page creator, ad tracker, and so much more.  You can request a free report, by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page!   Then there is GDI – there is a link to that as well, when you click on “view profile”, then “links”.  With GDI, you get your own domain name, with many other features to boot.  It’s a great value, and an awesome tool!  I use my domain/website to promote NPN!  And I use NPN to promote GDI!

Then:  Pick ONE or TWO MAIN programs.  Only spend what you can afford.  These programs can be one-time pay programs, or monthly programs.  Monthly programs have the advantage of real residual income; however, keep in mind that you will need to make a monthly purchase to stay active and qualify for commissions.  Do NOT go overboard here.  Once you are at least breaking even, you can think about adding more programs, one at a time.

Again, click on “view profile” and then “links”, and you will see all the programs I currently recommend.  ONE is tried and true – Lotto Magic.  It’s been around over a decade now, with many very happy members!  The SECOND program is EPX 180.  It is a spinoff of the main company, EPX Body, that is not new.  It features a great low-cost, money-saving product … and you can now buy your autoship customers!  This is huge!  (This blog post was edited 8/24/14, to reflect the customer acquisition program.)

Let me know what you think about any of my programs, and if you have any questions!  Best of luck to you!



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