It is good to be here. I am happy to have this opportunity to share some of the things I have done to increase earnings and shortfalls that annihilated my position to move forward in promoting various products. You know in life, what we learn from when making mistakes has an impact to hinder those same kinds of mistakes ever again. So, whenever possible, I will share what I know that works in hopes you can find better processes from what I have done to be better or increase your stature in your business.

Global NPN is my business. It is this plateau that has given me ideas in my personal business with my website I mentioned in my profile. As you know, it is always good to have multiple income streams in any endeavor we do. However, concentrating on one entity until it is up and running at its peak is paramount. In any case, knowing your priorities, having a plan, working diligently everyday to perfect the plan and reach the goals is a fundamental  ideal you have to work on all the time if you want to make the residual income you can with this business.

My favorite tool is the Power of One: http://globalnpn.com/caps/powerof1/163936/. This powerful strategy is a no-brainer and I market it all the time because it is a perfectly logical plan that provides every piece of information you need to understand and visualize its power.

I am a newbie in this arena but no means a slacker and to be successful, you have to know where you stand, your strengths, weaknesses, and determination to be all you can in your business.

Happy Blogging!


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