Antoine Tigermann Yates – Talks with Ilias

Ming was a young tiger, approximately 2 years old, who lived in an apartment on the fifth floor of a large living complex in Harlem, New York in 2003.

His owner, Antoine Yates, had several pets in his home, both normal and exotic. At the same time that he was keeping Ming in one of his bedrooms, he was raising an alligator named “Al” in another bedroom.

Ming’s existence became known and reported in the media[1] when Yates appeared at a nearby hospital emergency room with deep bite marks in his thigh. He claimed that his pet pit bull had bitten him, but the medical personnel were suspicious, because the width of the bite marks suggested an animal with a very large jaw.

While Yates was being treated, a New York City policeman was sent to his home address to investigate. Loud growling noises could be heard through the door of the apartment, causing the officer to avoid entering.

While in Philadelphia had an opportunity to talk with the good brother Antoine Tiger-mann Yates

If you thought you knew the whole story about Antoine Yates and his tiger, Ming,
guess again.

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