Global NPN Instant Blog


Well you are reading my Blog so you can see for yourself how powerful it is.

“If you are not blogging then you are not really marketing.” (Geoff Stephen)

It is also super easy to use and if you do a good job of it,  you will find that

many people not only want one but will join your business to get one.

In the Back Office of NPN there is another Video that shows you exactly

how to use it and completely set it up..

Geoff does a great job of explaining exactly what the blog is in a separate video.

I have been marketing online for over 10 years and I love Global NPN. For one thing Geoff the owner is very honest and his ability to set up programming is excellent. As for me I consider myself to be a very good marketer also. Why? Because I have an excellent manner in bringing people into the program. I am honest, giving and want to help everyone in my downline. It is much more important to me that they succeed than me. If that happens then everyone is happy. I have lived in Thailand for eight years now and really like it here. The food is great, the people are friendly and the weather is among the best in the world. As for recreation I play golf sometimes, walk a lot and swim most everyday. Originally I am from Vancouver Canada where I had a prosperous home renovation company. I had always wanted to live in the tropics so when the opportunity came I took it. In closing welcome to Global NPN and you can rest assured you are making the right decision in becoming a member.
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