Can You Lose Weight Working Out 3 Times Per Week For Only 7 Minutes?

Can You Lose Weight Working Out 3 Times Per Week For Only 7 Minutes?

Hello my name is Jaden Daniels.  I decided that I want to live a healthy life.  My dad has suffered from heart disease since the age of 40.  My two brothers are on blood and cholesterol pills, too.

I watched my dad and one of my brothers eat Goody powders for headaches for years.  I knew that couldn’t be good.

Anyway, I didn’t know where to start.  I studied and tried lots of diets and supplements.  I kept researching and trying and always quitting. The workouts were too long and the diets were too strict.

I wanted a life style that I could enjoy and be healthy.  I kept researching.  I was asking questions about different diets and different workouts.

  1. Do you think this workout program is something you could do for life?
  2. Is the diet something you think you could do forever?

Then I started asking myself…what kind of program do I think I could stick with.  I do not want to stay at the gym for hours.  I do not want to eat like a bird.  I want to train hard, and I want to eat foods I like.

I found the program that meets that criteria.  It is called Now Lifestyle.  I can’t believe how good I am feeling, and I just started the program.

You can learn more about it and sign up for a free account here:  Now Lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but I am 48 and I am tired of being tired.  I know I have to be the best me to give to my family.

I will be doing more posts on everything I learn.  Like I said I just started but I am feeling so blessed I had to get the word out.

Any questions, comment below or follow me on facebook.

Jaden Daniels

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