Tools, Resources, and Platforms to Streamline Content Marketing

Tools, Resources, and Platforms to Streamline Content Marketing

Dana KajtezovicMay 12, 2016Content Marketing

Recently, I shared my suggestions for 10 steps your organization can take right now to create an efficient content marketing operation. 

I’m thrilled the article was so well received. Many readers have asked me to identify the tools, software and platforms we use to keep our operations running smoothly.

With that in mind, I’d like to share a quick list of some of resources we rely on to keep our clients happy.

Project Management Platforms

Workfront – A project management software that allows you to oversee your work in one place with real-time collaboration and communications to track projects and reporting.

Trello – A free, simple-to-use tool that provides a visual kanban board to organize your projects and tasks within lists, letting you see everything about your project in a single glance.

Asana – A tracking tool with a focus on eliminating email that includes project management features like creating checklists, and calendar views.

Blogging and Content Management Systems

WordPress – Easy-to-navigate CMS, website and blogging software enables users to customize themes, publish content, moderate comments, upload images, and more.

Tumblr – Site for posting photos, quotes, links, audio files and much more.

Percussion – Streamlined CMS software that promotes templates that are easily edited and modified, simplifying the publishing process.

Marketing Automation

HubSpot – Offers an array of software packages enabling users to generate and track leads; it also offers tools and tips to help convert leads into customers.

Infusionsoft – A software created with small businesses in mind. Offers services and educational content to help smaller organizations track and grow sales.

ActOn – A marketing automation platform created to simplify critical marketing tasks and reinforce relationships with new and existing customers.

Content Creation and Optimization

Google AdWords – A free resource that can be used early in the process to brainstorm search terms and key-word phrases to identify phrases your customers are looking for, enabling the creation of genuinely-valuable content.

Keyword Tool – A resource that can uncover popular long-tail search terms to employ as you create content calendars seeking traffic.

Writer Access – A cloud-based platform connecting thousands of US-based writers, translators, editors and content strategists with agencies, small businesses and large corporations.

Content Collaboration Tools

Divvy HQ – Combines web-based calendars, content management and online collaboration to help global content teams plan, schedule and produce a variety of content across an organization.

GatherContent – Organize and streamline your content using content guidelines, easy to use drag and drop features all while collaborating with your content team.

Kapost – Geared for both small businesses and large organizations, this platform enables marketers to collaborate, distribute, and analyze all content types within a single platform.

Social Media Management and Analytics

Tweetdeck – Keep track of brand mentions and hashtags, schedule your Tweets, and manage more than one Twitter account in a single interface.

Hootsuite – Manages and analyzes multiple social media accounts for traffic, brand mentions, and other factors to determine engagement and sentiment across the social sphere.

Buffer – Specializing in content sharing, users can upload articles, photos, video, and other materials. Buffer can automatically post content on your social media accounts throughout the day.

Email Marketing Tools

MailChimp – An easy to use email marketing software that allows users to personalize and automate emails.

Constant Contact –Specialized in working with organizations to create individual-looking emails, grow and manage your email list, and track results.

Campaign Monitor – Offers an arsenal of simple, DIY marketing tools that interface and seamlessly work together to provide email services to a wide array of organizations around the globe.

SEO Analytics

Moz – Offers a suite of tools that can be used to shape content, and maximize efficiencies for SEO, content marketing and social analytics.

Raven Tools– Offers crawl reports and other tools designed to audit and maximize website performance and repair broken links, dupe errors and missing code.

SEM Rush – Produces analytical reports that provide competitive insights as well as an array of tools that can provide users the ability to track keywords across both paid and organic search campaigns.

Paid Promotion Tools

Outbrain – Content discovery resource that recommends content to readers of other premium publishers, delivering a customized reader experience and exposing your content to potentially-untapped audiences.

Disqus – A interactive platform enabling bloggers and web publishers to connect with readers via a comment section.

Gravity – Creates personalized algorithms reflecting user reading and sharing histories to help cut through the dense content readers encounter daily. Gravity can also deliver personalized recommendations.

Website Analytics – uses predictive-analytical tools as well as data-driven analysis of past content to determine which content creating real customer engagement.

Google Analytics – Free resource enables organizations to create customized reports documenting website traffic and online conversations.

Webtrends – Tools for optimizing and measuring digital campaigns using analytic intelligence.

This is just a quick– and by no means all-inclusive – list of tools for content marketing. In fact, a day rarely goes by when someone on our team doesn’t discover some new digital device or SEO Swiss-Army knife that gets the office buzzing. And that’s half the fun of content marketing. There is always some new utensil waiting to make our lives more interesting.


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