60 and Starting a Home Business

Starting a Home business at 60? Why? You’re approaching retirement and you know you will need to supplement your income and standing at the front door of Walmart is not going to be your answer. You’ve heard of the many business opportunities available and you’ve never really though about it until now.

Starting a new business is exciting and for first timers it can be down right scary. There are two commodities that we don’t care about wasting; time and money.

At this stage what we need is a viable business with simplistic training and a honest leader who is passionate about helping seniors develop their home businesses.

Internet marketing can be fun as well as frustrating for those starting out. So as your leader I recommend you click on the following link and review the process. Enjoy!  http://globalnpn.com/enter/?id=174586&tag=60blg


I'm a former US Marine and US Army Officer now an Operations Manager and grandfather. I have had the pleasure of accomplishing and living my childhood dreams and at 60, as a coach and mentor, I've decided to start an Internet Marketing Business whereby I can lead and coach new entrepreneurs in developing Online Businesses.

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