Email is Dead… Long Live Email!

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For a number of years there have been flashy headlines and Gurus telling us that “Email is Dead” and as marketers we need to stop using it. Usually this is accompanied by a sales pitch for a “New, Never seen before System” that will solve all your marketing woes and drive hordes of hungry buyers to you. And if you act now, it can all be yours for the low price of $1,999 (payment plans are available…).

But is it really true? Have people stopped reading emails?

I’ve spent some time reviewing various email services websites with summary statistics regarding emails and they all show pretty much the same picture. Here’s what I found for 2021/2022 based on numbers from Oberlo/Shopify:

  • In 2022 the number of global email users is estimated at 4.3 Billion and growing.
  • Email delivers an average ROI of 4200% – $1 spent returns $42
  • 87% of marketers are using email for content distribution
  • Emails with personalize subject lines generate 50% higher open rates

So what does that tell us?

Email is still going strong and the number of users is growing. High ROI’s are still being generated using email and a large percentage of marketers are still using it. Do you think that would be true if it wasn’t working?

I don’t find the fact that a personalized subject line works better to be very surprising – I know it grabs my eye when I’m scanning my inbox.

So when you see or hear broad statements about the “Death” of a tried and true marketing method, it’s best to not take it at face value and check some statistics before making a decision on a new way to reach potential or existing customers.

I’ll bet the people telling you and trying to sell you a new system sent you an email… 🙂

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