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Hey there, this article WILL make you money, if you follow it!

Many aspiring online marketers, especially newbies, only give opportunities a very, shall we say, “faint hearted” effort…

Meaning, they sign up for things, send a few clicks or run one ad, and then if cash doesn’t come pouring down on them, they instantly give up.

That is a SURE sign of total inexperience.

Experienced marketers generally do not even BEGIN to judge the effectiveness of an offer without sending thousands of quality clicks and/or getting hundreds of leads.

It’s simple math. A 5% conversion rate is pretty darn solid in many cases. So that’s 5 people out of 100 joining an offer. But it’s ENTIRELY possible to get ZERO conversions in your first hundred visits….

While going on to get 10 conversions on your next one hundred visits, averaging out to 5%. This happens all the time. It’s normal. It’s the simple law of averages. So to give up and drop out after only a few dozen leads or even a couple hundred, is a HUGE “newbie” mistake.

In fact, it’s quite possibly THE # 1 newbie mistake and success killer online.

Let’s put it this way. Nobody has EVER succeeded with ANYTHING online, to my knowledge, having sent only a few hundred clicks or even a couple hundred leads.

(If that’s all a person is willing to do, they shouldn’t join a program or promote an offer in the first place, because that’s not online business. That’s just dead end “dabbling.”)

Mike Geary, the famous author of the Truth About Abs ebook, *almost* gave up early on because he wasn’t making the sales he expected at first. But he PERSISTED, and went on to make over $11,000,000 per year with his ebook. That’s eleven MILLION dollars per year.

Another thing is your QUALITY of leads. If you’re sending poor quality traffic (freebie seekers) then you are going to get LEADS (subscribers) that are also freebie seekers and are not as likely to buy.

So for example if you’re running an email solo ad, you want to try to send to subscribers that have bought things in the past.

…So, I wanted to cover those two absolutely CRITICAL points to keep in mind as you move forward with NPN or virtually any opportunity online. Lots of people “dabble” with an opportunity or offer and then simply give up.

Again, that’s just not smart marketing.

A trickle of traffic leads to a trickle of results, which excites precisely NOBODY, lol…

It’s like test driving a new car, but only in the PARKING LOT and never really opening it up or giving it a LONG ride to see how it REALLY performs.

When testing any offer to see whether YOU will succeed at it, here are some rules of thumb:

  • Send at *least* 1,000 *quality* clicks.
  • Generate at *least* 300 leads.
  • Focus on QUALITY traffic (solo ads, banner ads, etc).
  • Go where the *buyers* are.


With all that said, you need to be able to send ENOUGH traffic to start “reading” results. But no worries, I’ve got you covered!…

Here are 10 relatively easy ways to absolutely flood your NPNBuilder funnel with visitors…

Your goal: Pick one thing from this list and do it DAILY!

1. Send out an email ad to somebody else’s email list.

These are called solo ads. NPN members can find their pre-written solo ads under the Affiliate Resources Tab – Emails/Solo Ads and here are a few places you can start now…today! to drive traffic to your NPNBuilder Capture Pages:






2. Place banner ads.

…and keep doing it until you have ten, fifty, even a hundred banner ads running all over the place. Try to negotiate *permanent* ad placement so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining the banner ad month by month. You just “set it and forget it.”

Here’s one EXAMPLE so that you know what I’m talking about:


3. Do email ad swaps.

…Once you have a list of a few hundred subscribers, start setting up free ad swaps with other list owners.

This is why building up your list to at least 300 to 500 subscribers should be one of your 1st goals – because ad swaps are a way to get unlimited FREE traffic.

So use PAID traffic to build up, and then you can start doing ad swaps.

Swapping ads doesn’t mean swapping your actual subscriber email addresses with other people, by the way. It just means that you send their email ad out to your list, while they do the same for you. You schedule a day of the week to do the swap.

Here’s a big “club” of people that do email ad swaps – 100% free traffic:


Now, don’t make this your ONLY strategy. But certainly add it to your list!

4. Run per per click (PPC) ads on Facebook Ads.

Here’s the link to get you started:


PPC is where you pay anywhere from 10 cents to 75 cents (usually in that range) for each click on your link – in this case, your NPN funnel link.

Facebook itself has a lot of good information on how to run successful ads. Make use of it.

You probably won’t be able to advertise your NPN funnel directly, because Facebook is sort of “shy” about Internet marketing offers in general.

And if not, what you can do is simply promote a Facebook (or blog) page that you’ve set up for the purpose of promoting NPN, and your NPN funnel.

You can then get “Likes” on your page, you can post banner ads to your page, you can pay to have your banner ads “boosted” so as to appear prominently in the newsfeeds of your page fans, etc. You can post YouTube video reviews on your Facebook page. You can provide traffic tips and training of your own, etc…

Your NPN / Facebook page becomes your own “hub of activity” for the NPN Funnel System which can generate a lot of *active* and *involved* NPN referrals for you.

5. Advertise on the web’s biggest online marketing forum!

Go to http://www.warriorforum.com and click on “Advertise with us.”

(This is actually just another example of *endless* places to post banner ads.)


6. Swap banner ads, or use the free banner ad placement ‘trick’.

Contact sellers on JVZoo, Clickbank.com, and other networks and either offer to SWAP banner ads (you place their ad on your blog or Facebook page, provided you’re getting some traffic already, and they do the same for you)…

OR, offer to run a couple solo ads for their product through Udimi.com IN EXCHANGE for having your NPN banner ad placed on their download page or member home page… You still make any commissions resulting from the solo ads (so like any normal affiliate promo, PLUS you get your NPN banner ad placed on their site). Some sellers will turn this offer down, but some will GLADLY take it – meaning you get yourself FREE banner ad placement on their product download page which only BUYERS see!

Or, just offer a flat fee to have your banner permanently placed on their page. Negotiate a deal, in this regard.

7. Blat out to your list.

This is an obvious one. 😉

Send out regular ads to your own email list (assuming you have one). Use curiosity provoking headlines and ad copy.

Also consider all the current Internet marketing “property” you already own – blogs, sites, download pages, member areas, youtube channels – and place ads for NPN wherever you can.

8. Set up an email signature file.

Create a “signature file” in your email client (such as Gmail or Yahoo) including an attention grabbing, curiosity provoking text ad for NPN – including your GlobalNPN.com funnel link, of course.

9. Set up automated follow up emails.

…That goes out to your list, encouraging people to either join NPN, or if they’re already NPN members, encouraging them to MONETIZE their NPN system.

You can also swap automated email follow up messages with other email list owners through Safe-Swaps.com!

10. Participate in POPULAR internet marketing forums.

…like WarriorForum.com, and create a signature file leading to a Facebook page, YouTube video review, or blog page review, for the GlobalNPN.com system. (The Warrior Forum doesn’t let you link directly to affiliate products, but you can link to your own blog page, for example.)

And there you have it! There are SO MANY ways to get traffic because there are SO MANY people constantly online. Go where the people are! Traffic is not a “mystery.” You’re simply getting your ad out in front of people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re offering.

Go for it and don’t stop until you have reached reasonable GOALS that you’ve set for yourself – and remember what I mentioned about *properly* testing your offer… 25 leads is not a “goal.” 😉

Talk soon 😉

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