Campfires, Chanting and Unicorn Farts

Here’s a post (and my reply)
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The Post:

A few months ago I made a list of so-called “Influencers” on social media and decided to check them out. I was astonished at how many of them are “influencing” while still working real jobs. Now I’m not hating on real jobs, but if you have millions of followers on social media and you’re still punching into a time clock, my
guess is…

A) You really love
your manager at Hot Topic

B) You skipped a few too many math

C) You know how to get lots of
LIKES, but very few customers.

So many people are focused on attracting tens of thousands of but neglect the 80, 270, and 745 loyal people sitting right in front of their face willing to support them.

You don’t need a million people to build a flourishing business. You often don’t even need 1000. But you do need to learn how to sell.

My Reply:

I get nuthin’ but hate when I attempt to convince people in the groups I’ve been in that they gotta sell.

They’d rather sit around a campfire holding hands while unicorns fly over their heads farting rainbows and chanting…

provide value…law of attraction…we don’t sell…personal branding….mindset…

I guess they get a whole lotta love, but very few dollars.

The only thing on this planet that doesn’t have to be sold is air.

And that’s only because breathing doesn’t take conscious effort or cost any money.


My Point:

I’m bringing this up ‘cuz I believe it’s something everyone who aspires to run a
successful business should know.

Here it is…

Your marketing will make sales much easier, but ya gotta sell if you expect to make any money. But there’s more…

If you have a product or service that will improve the lives of your customers and assist them in overcoming whatever challenge they are facing, you have a moral duty
to sell it to them.

When you do, they’re lives will be improved, your life will be improved and everybody wins.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Get the tools you need to help those people here:

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