1 hour a day business plan for State Workers

Learning how to Grow your income will only  happen once you grow your level of experience and more important expanding your mindset.  You cannot earn $20k per month with a $2k per month 9-5 job structure. Even with two good jobs, just won’t happen. Not to mention your time away from home, family, friends you already feel the pain; and let’s not talk about having no life, just work work work work work, Sleep four hours and go back to work. When you do have a day off you wash clothes go grocery shopping and maybe just maybe do something with the kids and or your loved ones. Living paycheck to paycheck really sucks.  If this Online marketing really works, WHY do so many people struggle to make money online?


Let me share something with you if I may?

My name is Virgilio Clemente I work for the State of New York as a Correction Officer. I enjoy my job. Ever since a young age, watching Swat on TV (I was TJ ) 1 hour a day business plan for State Workers. I always wanted to be a part of Law Enforcement. I retired from General Motors 23 years. To young to collect S.S. I applied for State Corrections, their is no age limit.  Some days are 18 hour days when I pull a double or get STUCK!  (Their is no other officer to make a relief, so you get stuck another 8 hours) But I feel in my heart as I interact daily with the people caught up in the Prison system, that I am helping the Incarcerated. bam bam, yahooo, and ku ku ru ku ku is what I say everyday to break the ice with Officers and or inmates. The job is stressful and serious, as at any moment something may jump off and you always have to have your guard up and be professional at the same time.  

I work a Wall Tower over looking our facility and at times I get assigned Trips. New York State is Huge. Born and raised in New York City I never realized how wonderful NY State truly is, how much their is to see. You can drive for hours all the way up to the Border of Canada.  I love my family and friends and spending quality time, taking trips all around the world. You may ask how can you afford exotic vacations with a family of  6?  Sometimes we take my mother, granddaughter, or stepson so we pay for 9. No way to pay for these trips on a cops salary, so how do I afford it? ” Online Marketing ”

There is a way out! But you have to put in the time! 1 hour a day, Yes YOU can get a lot done with 1 hour a day for your online business once you have everything in place and set up a monthly budget with a mix of free and paid traffic sources. Our Global NPN company shares Personal development with the proper marketing education and you can take Internet marketing to any level you desire. Take Action and see what I am writing about here as I am living proof that our System has been helping families since 2005 and growing. Our founder Geoff Stephen has set up a wonderful complete system with video training that you follow step by step. You get what you put in and when you stay the course and do daily action steps you to can share with others what you learn daily.

I had to learn the hard way I had no clue who to turn to, what to learn, nothing.. My first 6 months I was basically stabbing in the dark until I found an awesome Sponsor Brian K Davis who really guided me onto a great path of learning and personal development. I’m proud to say that now I have a firm foothold in this Industry, making decent money and growing every day.  Setting bigger and harder goals along the way has helped keep me constantly on my toes.

If you really do want to take this Industry serious I would start with getting educated in the basics of Internet Marketing, how to set up a sales funnel etc.  I have a wonderful Training course with easy to follow video training modules. 2 step lead and sales funnel. Go HERE create an account and simply get started today. You will not find a more comprehensive training course anywhere else online. Be in the top 3%, learn, earn, get ahead and crush it online.

We all want to be rich right?  Well most of us do. That feeling of total financial security is what most people seek, but never find.  Are you mentally prepared for what you need to do and become to be wealthy? Success breeds more success. A positive mindset and a can do attitude breaks you free from the herd in an instant.

Channel Your Inner Tim Ferriss

In “The 4-Hour Work Week,” Tim Ferriss has a great method of challenging fears. I’ll teach you the trick, but I want you to follow along:

Find a piece of paper, and divide it into two.

In one section, write: Quit My Job

And in the next section, write: Stay At My Job

Now, ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen if I take this option?” for each. Brainstorm for a few minutes, then write the answers down in the appropriate section.

Then, rate the consequences on a scale of one to 10, 10 being devastatingly bad, and one being not bad at all.

So if you quit your job and it didn’t go well, what is the worst that could happen? Here are a few things:

– You could hate entrepreneurship

– You might not make any money with your business

– You could spend some of your savings building a business that never takes off.

And if this happened, you would either have to revisit your business, change direction and spend more of your savings, or you’d have to get another job.

That might be a six on the pain scale because nobody would have died, gone bankrupt, lost his or her house or ended up in jail.

If you didn’t quit your job, what is the worst that could happen?

– You could be laid off.

– You could be unhappy for the rest of your working life.

– You might never gain flexibility and freedom to do more meaningful work.

– Your earning potential would be limited to what the company will pay you.

Because you would be less happy, this might be an eight on the pain scale.

Then, compare the two. Which alternative has the higher pain scale?

Getting the “worst case scenario” out of your head and onto paper, and seriously considering how painful each scenario would be, is a powerful way to look at the situation through a different lens.

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“Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” – Dale Carnegie

Ideas To Quit Your Day Job And Follow Your Passion

Shared by me Virgilio Clemente 


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