For  a few months now I have sat by and waited as I witnessed a new technology..well kind of newish technology hit the mlm,direct sales,and affiliate arena. I was excited when I first heard about the possibility of being able to market my business to people without intruding on them or trying flat foot cold sell them on an opportunity when they have never seen before a day in their lives.But like all new tech I like to wait and hear the good,the bad and the ugly on the product and the company.

Sure enough I started going through reviews on YouTube,and started seeing the complaints that were made by the affiliates who had purchased the beacons from the 2 companies that came out earlier this year Royaltie,and Asirvia basically they are one in the same but in direct competition with each other in the same space because Asrivia gets their beacons from Royaltie. So lets start with Royaltie,and sending out bad beacons to their affiliates,and their affiliates customers.

I saw a video of one young lady who had gotten 5 beacons through Royaltie and only 4 of them worked she tried tirelessly to get them to send her a new beacon when she did get in touch with customer service they gave her hell basically killing any excitement she had about using the beacon not only to market her business but also marketing them to local businesses and sales people like real estate,insurance, car salesmen,and local businesses who would have gotten mad at her because of the crap they had to deal with this company. Also to there is a long wait to receive your beacons as well. But here is the video of the young lady that was having the issue  with Royaltie.

Lets now talk about Asirvia it’s how Genusity was born out of the frustration of 2 of their affiliates who set up one of their marketing systems to basically market Asirva. When they saw the opportunity they thought it was a great way for marketers to be able to maximize their advertisements,but due to frustrations with customer service and the devices either not working or having issues finding a marketing site that pairs well with the devices made them not only say to hell with Asirvia but they came out with their own beacon company,and  a marketing system that is already https compatible.

The thing that im trying to get across here the most is that why put your good name behind a company or companies that will make you look bad on the front end thus effecting your money on the back end.Just come over to Genusity and know that you are joining a company that knows the ins and outs that affiliates face.the leadership of this company has been in the trenches of network marketing and now have decide to halt the bull before this particular industry gets a black eye..They Are in Prelaunch so you have time to grab hold of a spot that will allow you to be at the forefront of this industry changing company.TRUST ME YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON WHAT THE ARE ABOUT TO UNLEASH GET YOUR POSITION TODAY!!

Whats up everyone I have been network marketing strong for about 8 years as of this post.I live in Little Rock Arkansas,and came across this system just by chance.What your looking at is just one of the many tools that comes with this all in one stab at All In One Profits. I had them but they have a double opt in auto-responder that studies have shown drops your ability to email the people that hit your list by 25% because most of them don't go back and confirm their emails because they just forget..but I digress this system comes with a blog,capture page builder,unlimited email management system from 1-to-infinity you can have that many emails,and your price stays the same,and the list goes on but you have to see that for yourself.Also if you are looking for a great travel company to be apart of then GoodLife USA is the company for you
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