Let the fun begin!

Today, I want to share a few ideas about how you can
get some extra excitement happening on your Facebook
page, or group – or whatever you’re doing on Facebook.

Idea #1: Have a Photo contest

Run a contest on your Facebook page, and ask
your followers to share photos about your product,
or your brand etc.

It’s a great way to get engagement and spread
awareness – all while getting more people to sign
up and get more sales. (and it’s all user-generated

Idea #2: Have Facebook Live campaign

People love Facebook live, it lets anyone get direct
access to the person behind the brand, adds honesty
and ‘realness’.

Hold an interview maybe? Or answer fan questions,
demonstrate your latest product or thing you’re promoting
and get some great energy for page

Idea #3: Hold a “reaction” campaign

One of the more recent features FB has added is
to be able to do more than the old “like”

(and thank goodness they got rid of the poke…. haha

Now you can “love”, “haha”, “angry”, “sad”, and “wow”
posts, so you can et users engaged by posting an image
asking fans to vote for an option using the reaction buttons.

For example, a protein bar company might ask fans
what their favorite flavor is by saying “press Like for
peanut butter or Love for chocolate”.

This not only increases engagement, but also helps you
gain insight into the minds of your consumers.

Hope those ideas get you started.

From Montreal (Quebec, Canada) Computer programmer, network manager and web editor. Since a few years, I sell Facebook Marketing Software. http://socioffer.com

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