Whatever you choose to do be the best


I awake this morning and had a thought, it was a consuming thought, It went something like this.
I pondered the idea of thinking about the daunting task of getting someone to follow me in my
business, or in what I do as a career choice.  I don’t know about you but for me, this can become
very troublesome, the question becomes… how can I get them to see things my way, how can I
get them to understand things as I understnd them?

This brings me to the way I am when I go inside a store to buy something, I don’t like when I’m
approached by a desparate sales person… they say something like what can I help you with right?
Almost immediately I’m thinking nothing, or wow I just got here, I’m want to just look around the
store first and when I’m ready I’ll let you know.

Why am I even blogging about this topic?

Well, I was thinking about what my dad used to say, he would always say son… “Whatever you do
be the best. ” This brings me to how sometimes I see internet marketet’s, entrepreneurs or business
people putting down people that have job’s, but I truly believe that some people do actually love what
they do; they love their work or their job’s. I think it all boils down to a couple of things, a mindset or
an attitude.

Me myself I retired a few years ago and I decided to become an entrepreneur or a online marketer, I
don’t know which one came first Lol. As a business person with a primary business of my own, or should
I say that joined up with, I don’t like to be conned or coersed into doing anything, I like making my own
decisions based on what’s set before me. I don’t like making quick or rash decisions, and I don’t like trying
to convince other people do anything they don’t want to do naturally.

I guess I could be like a lot of the guru’s out their, they don’t care who they sale to, or who they pitch their
product or service to; as long as they get the money that’s all they care about. You may say, well! isn’t that
what it’s all about? And I would say yes and no… It makes me think of wimpy on the old popeye cartoon, he
would convince someone by saying “I will gladly pay you next week for a hamburger today,” to me that
sounds like as long as I get the sale today… I don’t care what perdicament I leave my prospect

I’m proud to say that the business that I’m apart of today has a true mission and cause behind it, one with a
true purpose, I like to call myself a man of principle and integrity theses days. I don’t want to be apart of any
thing where I have to convince or force someone to sell something that’s not heart felt, I want to work with
people what are “mission driven” just like myself  who can see the big picture or the vision themselves. I don’t
like the word sponsor, I prefer business partner instead.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a job or a business, the important thing is having a positive mindset and a great attitude
no matter what you lend yourself to, or your time to. I learned through trail and error that you can expose a
person to an potential opportunity, but it’s up to them to do the work that they need to do for it to work, I don’t
feel comfortable signing someone up for something and leaving them hanging. This lesson was learned when I
expierienced people who won’t do anything even if they paid to get started.

What I’m saying here is that I want to work with people who want to work with me and who appreciate a person
who genuinely wants to help them and work with them, also those who understand teamwork and that no one is
going to hand success to you on a silver platter… It’s Just Not Going to Happen!

If you would like to know more about the company that has a “mission driven cause” that is sweeping the nation
and helping to save the live of our women, young girls and men, then check out my company and be ready to be
yourself and do what you love to do… while being trained to do and become the person you’ve never thought you
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I am Andre Johnson a mission driven person, I am in the business of helping people and I love networking, I am a person who likes to guide and help other entrepreneurs on this road to financial independence.

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