The Everyday Content Marketing Method!

In this blog post, you get a list of 20 prompts that will inspire you to create more content quickly.
Ready to roll? Awesome.  I want to inspire you all to start, grow, and monetize your groups ASAP!
So let’s get to it, here are some prompts and topics to talk about:

Prompts & Topics

***These are NOT for copy and pasting. They are meant to inspire you to answer these questions to
write an original post or start a discussion with your members!

1. What’s a common myth about your products / services / industry? Address it & clear it up
2. What’s one thing that lights you up about your work? Tell a story about how you discovered your
passion for what you do
3. What’s one way for people to accelerate their progress with what you teach? Help give them a
mindset change so they can get results faster.
4. What are 5 common mistakes people make related to your topics / industry? Address them and
add solutions to each mistake as well.
5. What are some tools, resources, & software that help you get success related to your topics /
industry? Write a list of your go to resources & why you use them. Include affiliate links if available.
6. Tell a story of how you made an impact on a client and how working with you affected them.
7. Tell a funny story of a mistake you made and what you learned from it.
8. Make a screenshare video teasing a product / service offering you have and showing people the
components of it, say “coming soon!” if applicable.
9. Make a post de-bunking common misconceptions about your topics/industry that inspires people
to believe they can get success with whatever it is you’re leading them to do.
10. Share a horror story of something terrible that happened that also proves a point about your
topic / industry. IE Lawyers would talk about how someone who wasn’t protected correctly got sued /
in jail / etc etc.
11. What are your hobbies? Any creative outlets? Fun facts about you?
12. What’s your family like? What did you learn from them?
13. How did you grow up? How did that influence you as an adult?
14. What’s the worst investment you’ve ever made and what did you learn from it?
15. Do you like traveling? Where was your last / next vacation?
16. What tech / tools do you use in your business?
17. What are your favorite productivity strategies?
18. What are your goals for the FB group?
19. What are your goals for your business?
20. What are your favorite life hacks?
Okay there’s 20 prompts, now you can go take them to create a ton of original posts and videos!
Next up, is learning how to get in the habit of creating original content like this without prompts, and
rapidly producing valuable posts and videos on your own. It’s tough to start – but once you get the
swing of it by using these prompts for a while, you’ll learn how to constantly be inspired by your
experiences, surroundings, and business to become a content creation machine!

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