4 Tips On How To Stay Consistent In Your Business

4 Tips On How To Stay Consistent In Your Business

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Consistency is the #1 reason most people fail in marketing. Have you completed a to-do list every day for the past year? Do you even have a to-do list? Probably not, huh?

In this post, I’ll be giving you 4 tips on how to stay consistent in your business… and how to hold yourself accountable… (ooh that is a big point I’ll get to as well).

Let’s just get to it shall we?

Tip #1: Use Blinders

If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time, I’ll bet you’ve heard the saying “Put your blinders on”…

Yelp… that’s exactly what you need to do… block out all the other training, biz opps, webinars, posts, etc about business (besides the training theshielding eyes company you’re with provides and maybe your sponsor’s 😉)

One thing that I did wrong in business is what we call “Shiny Object Syndrome” which causes new marketers to jump from business to business without staying put long enough for the momentum of daily tasks to build. I was unfortunately struck by this illness for… awhile. I am kind of embarrassed by the length of time I allowed it to take over.

Use this tip and whatever other marketers say… don’t be open to EVERY opportunity, training, webinar… that comes you’re way… when you’re just getting started anyways.

Not being closed off to these things can lead to overwhelm, struggling more than you need to, and more… I dont want to see anyone go through that that doesn’t have to… so put your blinders up.

Tip #2: Have A Plan

Having a plan will allow you to do what needs to get done day in and day out. This is another way you’ll fend off info overload.

Up until this year… I was just going at my business willy-nilly( (cough, cough) scrolling timeline and getting sucked down the endless amount of non-related content on Facebook (cough)).

planNot making any progress which ended when I really sat down and wrote a to-do list for my business.

Believe-it-or-not, you don’t need to complete a ton of tasks once the basics, like the method you’re going to be using to get seen(facebook, blog, etc), are set up.

The reason why a plan works so well is that it becomes a habit. Just as if you go to the gym or make lunch for your kids every day… automatically.

Tip #3: Be Accountable

Pair up with a friend who is in business and arrange times to talk about how you’ve both done during the last week.

Accountability really helps me because I feel bad if my buddy did everything she set out to do and I dropped the ball.

I really don’t want to feel crappy again, so I’ll do whatever it takes to complete everything I must do on my list.

Also, remember that if you dont post a tip or something that you were going to post… you could be letting others down… ouch!

Learn your pain points and use them against yourself… if you procrastinate and you are always noticing facebook friends sign up with another person at the company you’re with… then keep that in the back of your mind. If you didn’t procrastinate, then maybe they would’ve joined you instead…

Tip #4: Limit Social Media

This one is a biggie for me! I get so distracted by new business opportunities, promotion methods, etc… that I lose focus on what I’m supposed to be doing.social

Usually, an hour of social media in the late morning and one more right after dinner is enough to add some friends, create content, go live, set up an ad. Even more so with a daily action plan.

Hot Facebook Tip: Post up to 3x a day. No more is needed with the current algorithm because to much content and not enough engagement on each post… sends a signal to Facebook that people dont want to read your stuff.

After all that said…

Didn’t we start a business to have more time freedom after all?

I know I did!

These four tips on how to stay consistent with your business will help you create a solid brand and following.

Don’t let these slide and risk failing in your business…

I want to see the percentage of failures in the network marketing industry drop… dont you?

If you think this post will help do that, then please share. Spread the news that many marketers dont like saying because it might keep someone from joining them…

I appreciate you for reading this! Please leave a comment on the biggest takeaway or what you would add.

Thank you 🙂

See ya later…

~Bonnie Roberts


Bonnie is pure California girl, 31, and has amazing niece and nephew. She's been in the internet marketing space for 4 years and is working towards making her first 6 figures.

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