First Day @NPN

Well this is my first day with N.P.N. In process of setting things up, though taking it one step at a time. No point in getting to the finish and not knowing why you ran? Especially with an empty wallet. This is a program for the long term that will pay. Will need to be persistent and stay focused. This is not a nickle and dime pay plan either. The high income potential is there. For now, being redundant have decided to start at the lower level. Hope to move up the ladder as income increases and therefore earn more.

Would be good to have some pointers from other members. Traffic is always the bottom line. Where to go for quality traffic. Please don’t send me your affiliate link to a sales page. I’m not here to sell you anything merely to learn and build this business. All the best to everyone at N.P.N

From Argyll in Scotland. Have spent my life with horses, teaching, showjumping, polo, racing. Worked in U.K, Germany, Italy, Spain and U.S.A. Enjoy sailing, golf, reading, writing, music (no T.V) good wine and food.

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