This Is A Real Financial Revolution, Will You Be A Part Of It?

The Coin of the World´s First Crypto Bank

The crypto bank for your future…

Covered by an innovative and newly developed blockchain technology…

1. Transparent

With Blockchain everyone can see where and how gold is stored and which speculative coin is covered with gold?


2. Comprehensibly

All gold moves are tracked on the blockchain?


3. Decentralized

The exchange between Stable Coins and Kombi Coins (either World combi coin or Country combi coin) takes place decentralized on the Blockchain?


The #1 Gold-based blockchain currency with participation opportunities of individual countries…



Details about the Coin

Token name KaratCoin Bank Coin
Ticker Symbol KCB
Currency Symbol
Token Standard ERC20
Current Price 0.14€
Maximum KCB for sale 50 Billion
Fundraising Goal 1 Billion
Minimum Purchase 1000 KCB
Payment methods BTC, ETH & KaratPAY


The KB Universe



A country can buy stable coins from the central bank. For this the country must deposit the respective stable coins with its own gold as collateral. It is settled by a contract that the country transfers right of property of its gold to the central bank. The corresponding amount of stable coins is transferred to the country and can be sold to the citizens.


This Is A Real Financial Revolution, Will You Be A Part Of It?



Do You REALLY Want To Miss Your Chance To Own A Piece Of The ONLY Global GOLD Blockchain Payment System In The World?


  1. Do you want to be part of something Great that has never been done before? 
  2. Would you like to position yourself to leave a legacy that your great-grandchildren can benefit from?
  3. Would you like to help bring about a payment system that will benefit all the people of this world?

Well, come join Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz and us to bring this payment system into being that is coming with or without your help,  and secure your money in a real asset, GOLD.

You may have missed being one of the early participants in Bitcoin, but that doesn’t have to be the case today with The Karatbars Ecosystem.  Our goal is very ambitious.  We want to become the central bank for the whole world. With a uniquely stable coin.  Real Gold Backed.  And on a blockchain basis.  Each coin represents a certain weight of gold.  Bank Independence, Cost Efficient, Predictable Value, and Crisis-Proof

Become a part of something GREAT!  Create a legacy for your great grandchildren.  So let’s get started today.  If you are a member, or if you are not a member, get in here and let’s get busy!  Get as many of the KCB coins as you can, and if you are really ambitious, get you a Masternoid.  There will be only 1000 Masternodes and only 100 Full- nodes, and you have time to earn one of them.  Everyone should want to be a part of this. And everyone who you invite that joins earns you many bonus coins. That’s a BIG win/win. my friend!

So get back to the person who shared this message with you, and tell them you are ready to get started.  And if it was me, get started by Clicking Here

Choose the best Profit Package you can afford. And call, email or text me with your questions.  I intend to help everyone who has the desire to achieve their Master mode seat. Now Let’s Get BUSY!

To your success,

Freedom Celebration- LA- 2016

L Basheer (LB) Hasan  * VIP Exclusive Gold Manager Affiliate * Karatbars International  * +1 515 991 3999 *

I am L Basheer Hasan, and I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am the first of eight children to Glen and Celestial, and I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 12 when I got my first of three paper routes before the age of 14. I have worked a job of some kind since the age of 14, and throughout my Junior and Senior High School years. We were poor so I had to help out. I did not go to college, but I did graduate from High School. I have always had a love for people. I meet No Strangers. As a newly-wed when I was 22, I was introduced to Home-Based business for the very first time in 1972. Since that time I have worked some kind of Home-based business along side my J.O.B. every year to this day.
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