My Top-Ten List of Why Some People are Hostile to Natural Medicine

My Top-Ten List of Why Some People are Hostile to Natural Medicine


In this quick-fix, instant-gratification society some people are too lazy and too spoiled to do the actual work required to be healthy. It’s so much easier and so tempting to simply pop some pills hoping that that will somehow deliver health.

Drug Addiction

Between Coffee, Chocolate, Green Tea, Black Tea, Cola Drinks, Yerba Mate, Cigarettes and Alcohol, some people don’t go a day without some sort of stimulant drug or alcohol. For the people already addicted to these legal drugs embracing prescription or over-the-counter drugs is a natural choice.


Herbal Medicine and most of the holistic health modalities whether it is yoga, acupuncture, tai-chi, qi-gong, meditation, etc. were developed by the non-White, Non-European peoples of this world. Some people hostile to natural medicine are simply hiding a racist attitude that if something isn’t validated by a white man in a white lab coat then somehow it’s isn’t valid. I would much rather trust in the integrity of an Akan, Ibo, Mayan, Aborigine, Cree or Tibetian Bush Doctor/Traditional Healer than I would any scientist or drug company. Ironically the same scientists and drug companies that discredit the knowledge of the indigenous peoples of the world are the same ones dispatching ethnobotanists to every remote corner of the world to learn the secrets of Bush Doctors so they can patent them.


Some people are sheep and usually will only follow and seldom lead. They are not independent thinkers and haven’t spent the time and energy needed to challenge the information being spoon-fed to them by the corporate media and the scientific community. This society is very affluent and if you don’t ask too many questions or make any trouble there are vast rewards available to you.

Unfortunately, holistic health isn’t one of them. For holistic health, you need to listen to your body instead of authority figures. You need to connect to nature and to some sort of spiritual core. You need to be the leader of your own life.

Snake-Oil Salesmen

As written in the article ” The Natural Health Products Hustle”, there are too many snake oil salesmen in the natural health products market making false claims and dubious products. For anyone with a natural tendency to be skeptical of natural healing, this provides all the excuse they need to be hostile.


Some people just don’t believe. Some people don’t believe in respecting nature, in respecting their bodies, in experiencing the connectedness between all things. For unbelievers such as these, they will have a challenging time suspending their negativity and disbelief towards holistic healing and thus may never benefit from it fully.

The Anti-Christ Factor

Some people do believe. What they choose to believe in are the Gods of Science and Industry. They believe in the rape and pillaging of the environment, in factory farming, in genetically modifying food, in pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Their belief system compels them to see all things natural as heresy.


Like George Bush with his Iraq War and Napoleon in his Russian Campaign, some people are too stubborn to admit when they’ve made a mistake or are on the wrong side of an issue. Forsaking Natural Medicine for synthetic factory medicine was a mistake and is a mistake. There is a place in healing for high tech equipment and synthetic drugs. In my opinion, those options are for emergency situations or in situations where natural therapy has failed. They just have everything ass-backward. Natural medicine is the real medicine and Allopathic Medicine should be used as “Alternative Medicine” and treated with the degree of skepticism currently reserved for Natural Medicine by the mainstream.


Some people are afraid of nature. They are afraid of anything untamed by man. If it isn’t slickly packaged, sterile, and dead, they are afraid. If it doesn’t come with the seal of approval of the government or the scientific community they are also afraid. Their fear keeps them dis-empowered.

Factory People Need Factory Medicine?

If you have lost your individuality and become a mass-produced factory person, eating mass-produced factory food, having mass-produced factory thoughts, then perhaps only mass-produced factory medicine will resonate with you. Perhaps it’s wrong to even try to convince you to eat organically or to heal yourself holistically. Maybe you have evolved into some kind of Darwinian nightmare that can only live on synthetic pleasures.



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