Don’t Leave Money On The Table…Know Your Numbers

Wayne here.  Hope this finds you profitable.

One of the things that I find helpful is to always examine the numbers.
So, today let’s cover some basic numbers.

When it comes to how much money you can make as a GlobalNPN
Account Holder, let me share some important numbers with you.

The numbers below show you what’s possible in terms of JUST recurring
monthly income by being an active team member as a GlobalNPN Executive.
If you are not a GlobalNPN Executive, you’ll soon see why you may want
to consider upgrading.  NOTE:  These numbers DO NOT include matching
bonuses that you will receive when your team members start to grow their
own NPN Executive teams.

Executive Level Account Income Targets

$500 per month   =   5 GlobalNPN Executives
$1000 per month = 10 GlobalNPN Executives
$1500 per month = 15 GlobalNPN Executives
$2000 per month = 20 GlobalNPN Executives
$2500 per month = 25 GlobalNPN Executives
$3000 per month = 30 GlobalNPN Executives
$3500 per month = 35 GlobalNPN Executives
$4000 per month = 40 GlobalNPN Executives
$4500 per month = 45 GlobalNPN Executives
$5000 per month = 50 GlobalNPN Executives

Notice that every 10 GlobalNPN Executives you add
to your team puts another $1000 a month in your pocket.

So, how much do YOU want to make?

Think about it…just 10 GlobalNPN Executives means you’re
earning $1000 a month.  And…you increase your earnings
by $1000 a month with every 10 new GlobalNPN Executives
that you add to your team.  Again…these numbers are based
on your efforts alone and do not include the matching bonuses
you receive from the growth of your Executive teams.

Now consider the fact that you don’t need to do anything
but drive traffic to the funnel, the fact that we teach you the most
effective way to do that.

So…keep this in mind.

All you need to pocket $500 a month is 5 GlobalNPN Executives,
or 10 GlobalNPN Executives to pocket your first $1000 a month.

You can do this.

However, if you quit to chase another shiny object,
you lose sight of the fact that it’s all a numbers game,
and the same rule applies regardless of what you promote.

Now that you know this…

Take the notion of QUIT off the table.

Want to bank $5000 per month?  I’ve just shown you
the number that makes it happen.

Feel free to reach out to me directly through your
NPNProfitCenter account, if you have any questions
or need my help, and if you’re ready…


and consider upgrading to NPN Executive.

Until we correspond again,

My name is Wayne Brooks and I am the Founder of Welcome to the NPN Profit Center. I have been a digital affiliate marketer for over 15 years and look forward to helping you achieve your online profit goals. So, if you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out... at I'll do my best to help.
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