2020 – A Year we will remember!!

What can I say? Wherever  you live you will have been affected by the Coronavirus.

As this it my first blog I will not dwell on what maybe – however I hope you have not been affected personally.

Lets look forward to happier times – stronger and positive our futures will remain and enhanced with the support and training from Geoff and GlobalNPN

Speak Soon, Brian

Hello & Welcome, Allow me to introduce myself, Brian Allerton from the UK. I am a Retired, divorced, father of 3 and grandfather of 6. I keep busy (offline) with a range of hobbies which include magic, genealogy, and travel. My partner & I love to discover the historical sites around the UK and traveling abroad. My favorites to date include Egypt, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, Hollywood & St.Louis and cruising the Caribbean & Mediterranean seas. Visited Brazil in late 2011 followed by a trip to China 2012!! More recently we cruised SE Asia and last year another trip to the USA from Hollywood and onto Georgia, St. Louis and Knoxville I have been online for several years now and like everyone else when starting out I spent long hours and too much cash learning to create an online business. Yes, I found and believed (!) all the hype and false promises out there. Now I am focusing on learning and putting to good use all the training, tools and support from within GlobalNPN. Now into retirement I intend to continue with my online business and hoping for greater success. I hope you can join me on the journey by being my buddy! If I can help in any way please don't hesitate to contact me and likewise, I look forward to your friendship & support. That's what friends are for! Regards, Brian

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