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As I start to write this blog on June 23rd, 2020 about this very interesting topic on Monetization and How To Build A Network, MLM, or On-Line Business In Today’s environment.  I want to clearly plant my flag down now and establish that I want to lead in the arena of educating the everyday normal guy or girl, young man or young woman, man, lady, or PERSON; that have failed many times before.  And that I could only hope for; is to share with you why I find it absolutely a necessity, that you regain your individual personal and lasting financial freedom!

As a decorated Marine Combat Veteran, who knows that the true costs of freedom, is that:  “FREEDOM IS NOT F.R.E.E.”!

There is, and has always has been a price, being paid; By SOMEONE!!!

In fact “D.B.” one of my proteges’ years ago; once shared with me, that his definition of Freedom could be viewed as:

F – False

R – Reality

E – Evidencing Itself

E – Eventually

I encourage freedom of thought as well!

Now let’s take a little time to go over how I am going to share with you my view(s) on this subject from an open learned-ed’ position.  (QT) = Quick Tip; (There are two ways to learn in this context):

(1). You can learn from your own personal Experiences, right?


(2) You can learn from the “Collective Experiences’ of Others”!

Which set of Experiences should cost you the least in any way???

I have always firmly believed in the concept of  that “If We Knew Better; Then We, Should Do Better”!

As a trained Quality Management Facilitator under the acclaimed WWII Physicist, Dr. W. Edwards Deming Business Model teachings; I learned the value of making decisions based on “The Facts and Figures – Vs – Guesses and Haunches”.

Note: (Red Alert)The Critical Thinking Process Is My Back Yard; Tested Under Arduous Conditions!!!

So, we are going to start out with the facts: “The 5-W’s (+) H”:

(1) Who

(2) What

(3) When

(4) Where

(5) Why


(6) How

Note: I sincerely, hope that I have opened the door to your curiosity; to nudge that silent “Gut-You-Know-It” feeling  of starting to think about re-engaging in the business one last time and to move you from procrastination to action in setting up your last stop on your way too ” FREEDOM.

I will see you at the next point of my clarification (N.P.O.M.C).

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Hello I'm Lon Fanniel, a former United States Marine Corps Officer, and Desert Storm Veteran. I am also an International Home-Based Business and On-Line Business Professional, Coach, and Consultant. I have accumulated over 20 (+) years in Sales, and Sales Leadership as well as over 2 decades in the “Home-Based Business” Industry as an Independent Contractor for a variety of companies and Business opportunities. I have failed at some like many of you and succeeded in a few at a level un-like any of you. Back in 2015, I suffered a debilitating bout of a P.T.S.T.D. experience that sidelined me with episodes of anxiety and deep depression for a few years. For the first time in my life, I felt that I just needed to take a break from the regular grind that most of us go through on a daily basis. After years of counseling and therapy through the Veteran’s Administration, I found a place of peace with limited stress from most external issues. During my personal time out: I watched the News on TV, TV Series, Movies, Special’s, etc… “All kind of Electronic Media”! I realized that media can be and is monetized for some. I wanted to know more about how I could get paid for what I and you watch, every day! A year ago around my 59th birthday; I decided it was time to come off of the bench; after having benching myself for the last five years! I have, like many before me to join countless of business opportunities in the past in search of their holy grail to no avail. The then failures; now presents themselves as an opportunity to see what did not work at that moment in time. I know exactly what and who I am specifically looking for to join with me in my journey to connect the global dots! I am seeking to attract “Like Minded” entrepreneurs’ from across globe to join with me to form a vast affiliate recruiting machine and collective cooperative, to thereby gain a tremendous consolidated team entry power dynamic that will ensure success of all of our team members in our new community. I have always firmly believed that “If we knew better; we should do better”. And now, I am on new a quest which includes learning how to monetize my lifestyle which is Redirecting my normal spending habits to earn cash back on everything that I currently spend money on daily, and I’d also like to teach others to do the same thing. It doesn’t hurt to also to have Multiple Streams of Income via legitimate Legal Home-Based Business Platforms and Business Opportunities across the globe available in just about any venue that you can think of either. Note: If you follow me; I am going to earn money from what I teach and share with you. If others follow you; you are going to earn money from what you teach and share with them. Welcome to the land of duplication!
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