How To Be A Cash-Rocketing Super Affiliate

Have you heard of the term “Super Affiliate” else where? Actually, I bet you already know what it is: Super Affiliates are greater affiliates, they’re affiliates that make at least 6 figures annually.

The Internet has been growing so wide and large in a short period of time, and there have been millions of people jumping on the Internet billion-dollar market. Many fail, sadly. This is because of a lack of solid training. There is a lot to digest, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed with it. In fact, it is relatively easy.

Earning big money on the Internet is entirely possible. Here are just a few examples of successful affiliates working within certain affiliate programs:

•Cashring – Top affiliate earns $5,000/month

•FriendFinder – Pays out more than $1,000,000 in commissions to its affiliates every month.

•Matt Haller – NPC newsletter subscriber earns $10,000/month with a hip-hop affiliate site.

•Deborah Casey – Student of the ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ by Rosalind Gardner who earns $15,000 every month.

•Jim Cockrum – Affiliate selling the ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ made $1000 in ONE day!

•Rosalind Gardner – She regularly earns $50,000+/month just from her affiliate marketing efforts!

•Ewen Chia – An affiliate marketer who also regularly earns more than $10,000 every month.

Now you will probably think, how can I be like them, and what should I do? The answer? Meet the basic requirements for a Super Affiliate: Domain name, hosting, website, and sign up for the appropriate affiliate programs.

Basically affiliate marketing is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1. You join the affiliate program and place links on your site or in your newsletter.
2. Your visitor clicks that link and buys a product, service or fills out a form.
3. You earn a commission for sales or leads generated through your links.
And without a website, you can hardly sell them at all, unless you really plan on printing out flyers and distributing them to the neighbourhood.

How do Super Affiliates earn a steady income and grow bigger and bigger every month?

>>An Opt-In List.

If you are going to learn one thing from this post, remember that the fastest way to making loads of money with affiliate marketing is through your own list of subscribers! If you have started building your own opt-in list, great. If not, you need to start now.

To have an opt-in list, you will need to register for an auto-responder account. The better auto-responders are Aweber, GetResponse, and Mail Marketer Pro. I use Mail Marketer Pro which is an inhouse autoresponder provided by GlobalNPN. You can see my opt-in form from Mail Marketer Pro here on this blog.

You will be provided with the script that can be easily copy-pasted on your web page to have an opt-in form so that people can subscribe to your list. There are so many things you can do once you have an opt-in list, here’s some of them:

Follow-up on your affiliate sales

You can set your auto-responder to send a newsletter/e-zine every few days to provide your subscribers with useful information, while integrating your affiliate links for your products whenever you can at the appropriate time. Remember, however, if you blast your list only with marketing material you’ll lose subscribers fast.

Nobody wants to be sold to all the time, so be sure to deliver helpful emails free of product links. For example, you can send a marketing email with your links once every 3rd or fourth email. This will vary a little depending on your list, but this is the general rule to follow.

Offer time-Sensitive bonuses

When you are selling your affiliate product, you can always include a free bonus, a report, an e-book, anything that suits. People who buy from you in that limited time will get the bonus you offered, which usually incentivizes customers to buy from you next time you run a mail marketing campaign.

Pre-selling/Back-End Selling

You’ve probably seen this mentioned everywhere, but really, there are too many lazy affiliates around that don’t practice this method of generating affiliate sales. After you sell an affiliate product to your customer, that’s not the end, in fact every single customer can be a “gold mine” for you. Not only can they become your repeat customers but also your working partners in the future!

Once you have a huge opt-in list, the send button on your auto-responder will be your ever-read money machine. When you need cash, pick a good affiliate product endorse it to your mailing list and that’s it, wake up the next day with all your affiliate earnings!

Other than your own opt-in list, you can definitely leverage other peoples lists, by purchasing solo ads from ezines or joint ventures (partnering). A solo ad is an independent single email advertisement you can buy from solo ad vendors and they normally allow up to 300-600 words for your ad copy.

Quite a few solo ad vendors will even right the ‘sales copy’ for you. They do this because they know their list well, and they know how to offer products to their subscribers. I’ve used these services in the past with mixed results, but overall you can grow your list and business through using solo ads if you have an advertising budget, and you find quality vendors.

A joint venture is when you team up with other list owners and do solo ad swaps. An ad swap is where you find another list owner who will send your solo ad to their list, and you in turn send their solo ad to your list. In theory these joint venture solo ads should cost each participant nothing.

However, if a list owner has a list much larger than yours they might charge you a proportionate fee. Every joint venture will vary depending on the the list owners who are participating.

When it’s all said and done, focus more on creating websites to affiliate programs, and build your list. It’s just that simple, a concept which is repeated over and over again. Successful affiliates work harder and smarter, while broke affiliates hardly work at all.

Super Affiliates

•Have their own domain names, hosting and websites!
•Carefully select great products to promote.
•Consistently choose to promote products which pay higher commissions.
•Know the value of building highly targeted and highly responsive opt-in lists.
•Focus on improving and maximizing the activity/efficiency of each affiliate sale/campaign before thinking of moving to the next one.
•Find multiple affiliate programs to build multiple streams of income.
•Consistently work hard for more traffic and sales, while lowering any other costs of advertising.

Affiliate Programs 

Here are 3 reputable affiliate programs to get you started:


You can easily exceed the other 98% of affiliates and become the 2% of Super Affiliates that are responsible for more than 80% of the sales for an affiliated product or program, once you have gained your momentum, it really is as easy as breathing.

For basic to advanced affiliate marketing training visit us here at GlobalNPN.  Or click any of the links on this blog to get started.

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