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We all know the importance of having a catchy subject line when it comes to sending emails. It’s not just about making your email stand out in the inbox, but also about getting your reader to open it at all!

For instance, if you are sending an email with a subject like “The sales presentation video,” people are more likely to ignore this because it doesn’t make them want to read any further. They may assume that they don’t have time or they feel like they already know what’s inside that email based on its title alone. However, if you rephrase it as something like “This video will make you $1 million,” then people are much more likely to open their inboxes and find out why they should watch this sales presentation (and maybe even buy what’s being sold).

The same philosophy can be applied to catch phrases: short sentences or phrases that grab your readers’ attention right away before they even start reading your email message body text . In this article we’ll take a look at some examples of effective catch phrases from different types of emails so that you too can start using these techniques yourself!

Hook your reader

You want to hook your reader. You can do this by making a promise to the reader, or by using a powerful statement in the subject line.

You could also use a question to get them to read on. You might also try quoting someone famous or relevant, like a business guru or an industry expert (as long as you have permission).

If you have any statistics that are relevant to your industry, it’s good practice to include those too–and if possible, use them in the title so that all of these elements tie together.

Shock and delight them in equal measure

You may have heard the expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is an example of a clichéd phrase that people are used to hearing and don’t really pay much attention to anymore.

If you want shock value in your email subject lines, it’s best to think outside the box—and maybe even scrawl on the side of that box with a Sharpie. Consider this headline: “How to turn trash into treasure.” The reader might not be sure what kind of treasure we’re talking about or where it came from (or even if there was ever any trash involved at all). However, when they see it in their inboxes or as part of their social media feeds, they’ll definitely take notice!

They’ll also feel delightfully surprised when they read about how you can make trash into something valuable for free or almost free with just some basic household items like newspapers and plastic bags!

Make an enticing offer

You could offer a discount on your product or service, a free trial of your product or service, or even a free gift with purchase. Or you could combine these tactics by offering a free consultation with the first 100 people who sign up for it (with the hope that they’ll buy something after).

Build a rapport with the reader

People like to be connected. They like to feel like they belong. So, when you’re emailing someone, it’s important that you do everything you can to make them feel as if they’re part of a team or group with you. This is done by building rapport with your reader, which means connecting with them on any level possible:

  • Use their name
  • Use their interest
  • Use their location (city) and/or age
  • Use their profession or gender
  • Refer back to the problem they had in the past that led up to this current situation (e.g., “I saw from our previous conversation that” or “You mentioned in our last meeting”)

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An email catch phrase to engage your readers and wet their appetite.

An email catch phrase is a brief statement to engage your readers and get them to open the email. It’s designed to be short and sweet, so that it doesn’t take up all of the space in your subject line.

An example of an email catch phrase: “Check out our newest products!”


We’ve covered some of the most effective ways to use email catch phrases and get your reader engaged. Remember that you have only a few seconds to grab their attention and keep them interested in what you have to say. Your email catch phrase should be short, bold and immediately engaging so that they can quickly understand what it is about without having to read through a long paragraph or sentence before getting there.


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